Thursday, 19 June 2014

Peanut butter cookies- Matt Preston style

I have had a bit of a thing with peanut butter and other spreads lately.  I recently bought a peanut and raw cacao spread, and a hazelnut spread, and a peanut butter without added sugar or salt.  Well, you can never have too many in your pantry, can you?  So when I decided to make that wonderfully easy cookie recipe by Matt Preston, I was well-equipped!  It only takes 3 ingredients and about 20 minutes to make.  A friend was coming over for her birthday morning tea, so I had almost no time to get it together.  And was there even going to be time for a shower?  What's the quickest thing I can make? said I to myself.  Ah hah, peanut butter cookies, I replied to self.  So after throwing myself into the shower, I flung on some clothes and grabbed the 3 ingredients out of the pantry and fridge.  It is almost embarrassingly easy to make these, and they are delicious to eat.
It appears that Matt has taken this recipe from one that has been circulating on the Net- here, and added a tweak of his own.  So the next time you are in a rush to make something sweet for guests, try this!  And next time, I am thinking I will try a different spread/butter- maybe the raw cacao and hazelnut?  Not sure how this will work as the texture of peanut butter is so very thick, and the other ones less so, but it will be an interesting experiment!


1 cup peanut butter
1 cup caster sugar- try vanilla sugar for a bit of oomph
1 egg
vanilla sugar and vanilla salt for dusting


Grab a medium mixing bowl and your electric beaters
Toss the ingredients into the bowl
Whizz them around for a minute or 2 till the ingredients are combined
Grab pieces of the dough and roll into golfballs - well, not literally, you know what I mean!
Keep rolling till the dough is all  used up
Place the balls on lined baking trays- you will get about 16-18 cookies
Squish them down with a fork onto the trays
Dust with the vanilla salt and sugar
Bake at 190C for 9-10 minutes till golden around the edges and ever so slightly puffy
Dust again with the salt and sugar
Leave them to cool on a wire rack

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  1. I made these once and didn't like them as much as the version with flour. Maybe I should try your recipe. :)

  2. hi maureen,

    our friends were very complimentary and even asked for the recipe so i think they went down well!

  3. Wow! who'd have thought they'd be that easy. Now the Glam Teen is back from uni I'll be baking cookies again. There's a full jar of Reese's peanut butter in the cupboard. It's calling! GG

    1. They are amazingly easy and yummy. Worth a try:)


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