Saturday, 1 August 2020

In My Kitchen - August 2020

Well, the last week or two has been a bit discombobulating - a massive branch from our tree fell onto our neighbour's tin shed, and kept on going into the other neighbour's backyard.  Hubby, myself and another neighbour spent a Sunday afternoon chopping it up.  Then our gas hot water system blew up, and the new and very expensive system hasn't worked since they put it in.  Grrrrrr!  Let's hope this month is a bit better.  I need a hot shower, or even lukewarm :-)  This is the coldest month of the year, after all.

Not much to tell for In My Kitchen in these Covid days, but I do seem to have more going on than I first thought.  Here goes nothing (as Lando says in Star Wars VI):

new-harvest EV olive oil
I love this time of year when all the new-harvest olive oil is available.  I bought this one online, and shared it with a friend.  Grassy and fresh!  Yep, the oil, not the friend.  (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

another book of essays

I was so sad to see that this writer had died tragically young.  I love her essays; her friendly tone, her handy hints, her useful recipes.  I really enjoyed her first collection of essays, and this was just as good.  And her little girl was only eight when she lost her mum; so very sad.

and there are vinegars...

I love collecting all sorts of vinegars: the sour cherry I bought online, and the chardonnay I bought on our weekend away for my birthday.  We went to a wine-growing region, where they also sell vinegars, and jams, and chocolates and relishes ...

and relish and jam and harissa

I love preserved lemons, so I had to try this harissa.  Really good with chicken and fish.  And the red capsicum relish is one of our faves; fabulous on everything:-)  

enamel cup and wooden spoons

I can't resist enamel cookware, or wooden spoons!  We stopped in at Jersey Girls CafĂ© while we were on our break.  They sell cheeses from the jersey girls (cows), have a range of local produce, and stock these gorgeous wooden spoons handcarved by a local artisan.  Yep, I'm as mad as a hatter about spoons, but I don't care.

Nutella muffins

I made muffins, with Nutella and bling - of course!  Yep, I'm a Nutella nut, and a bling nut.  My cousin gave me gold bling dust for Christmas; I have to get me some more of that fabulous stuff.  Though gold and silver stars are pretty fab too.   

Princess Pia in my birthday apron

Here we have Princess Pia modelling one of the the cute aprons made by my dear friend Ms MM. for my birthday.  Lucky me!  She even put my blog logo on the pockets.  And doesn't the Princess look the business?  

Robert Gordon/David Bromley pourer

Robert Gordon is a well-known pottery company based in Victoria since 1945.  The family business has been passed along through three generations.  David Bromley and his wife Yuge are Australian artists and designers.  They collaborated to put out some gorgeous pieces of kitchenware, including this 150 mL pourer.  So sweet.  Like I needed another jug?  Tee hee - heck no, but who cares?

That's it for this month.  I would love to see you here, friends.  Feel free to join in this month (or any month) with your foodie kitchen and garden goodies.  Everyone is welcome.  Here's how you join in:

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