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Flavours Café Boonah - Review

What do you do on a country drive apart from looking at the scenery?  Find a nice place for lunch of course.  I had recently read Tiffin Fiona's Scenic Rim post, and we were inspired to head out that way last weekend.  Hubby and I head to that region at least two or three times a year for a nice ramble around the place.  It is usually lush and green, and very rural even though only an hour or so from Brisbane.

the front of the café    

I had done a bit of research on places to eat, and Mr P. remembered that I had mentioned Flavours Café as a possible for lunch.  It is in a lovely 100 year old building that used to be the office for the Boonah Butter Factory.  They are celebrating their centenary this year.

I was happy to see the café is licensed so I chose a piccolo of sparkling Henkell, while Mr P. had his usual ginger beer.  I would have liked something a bit more upmarket to drink, but beggars can't be choosers.:=)

Piccolo $6.90 

ginger beer $3.80 

I then went for a Ploughman's Platter with smoked salmon.  You could choose the cold meats option but I am a bit iffy about salami and so on, so salmon it was.  I was pleasantly surprised at how fresh and filling this dish was.  I always think it is a bit of a risky choice, but this was terrific.

Ploughman's Platter $19   

I think this was a bargain.  The salmon was plentiful, the potato wedges were crispy, the house-made relish and chutney were both zingy, and there was a nice twist with camembert.  One thing I missed was the blue cheese which is on the menu but sadly not on my plate.  And one teensy disappointment was the pickled onion, which I assume is house made also.  It was just a bit too acidic, and would have benefited from a wee bit of sugar.  

Mr P. had a beef burger, which has a house-made beef pattie and onion jam.  He has been complaining lately that burgers are not coming with relishes or sauces and are therefore rather dry.  Not sure why this is happening everywhere, so he was happy to see onion jam on his burger.  Though he did say it could have benefited from an additional relish or sauce.  This was the best beef pattie ever, says Mr P.

beef burger $13 and chips $3    

I tried some of the pattie after he had told me how good it was. And yes it was terrific - smoky and nicely char-grilled and very plump. A real winner.  Oh and did I mention the chips?  Beer battered, Australian made and 13 mm!  My wedges were tasty but these chips were fabulous.

Flavours has an all day breakfast menu, children's menu, and a late afternoon menu, with gluten-free and vegetarian options.  They serve Scenic Rim beer, as they like to support local business. We enjoyed our lunch here, and were happy to find that the building has been placed on the Heritage Register.  There are lovely features inside like pressed metal ceilings and hoop pine floors.  This is a pleasant spot to assuage your hunger and have a refreshing drink.

love these "pencils" at the local school down the road from the café   

Ph: 07 5463 2699
8 Railway St., Boonah Qld

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  1. I love saucy, juicy burgers too. With so much bread having a sauceless burger makes it hard to swallow :D

    1. i don't know what the story is lately. it seems that every cafe has decided relish and sauces aren't necessary on burgers. weird!

  2. I could eat the burger and the ploughmans right now! Both look amazing! :)

  3. Replies
    1. hi liz
      yes it was a lucky find. remarkably good for a country cafe.

  4. This place looks right up my alley. I would definitely go the Ploughman's Platter. Just love country cafes :)

    1. hi Jem
      this place tries really hard to be a bit more than a country cafe, which is fabulous. we enjoyed our lunch(es).:)

  5. Oh, I didn't see those pencils. They're fun. We had a laugh about Flavours Cafe as we were leaving on the Sunday. We just couldn't believe that they had a cafe in a fabulous old Butter Co-Op and couldn't have up with a better name. We amused ourselves inventing dairy related names, none of which I can recall except 'Churned'. I think there may also have been one called 'Butterly Love'. Regardless of the name, it sounds like the drive was worth it.

    1. ooh yes i like the sound of butterly love. you should tell them!:)

  6. Hi Sherry:)
    It's always such fun to virtually visit lunch stops in different countries. This place sounds like a lovely place to visit. I'm guessing I would have tried the Ploughman's Lunch too as I have been on quite a salmon kick these days.

    It's funny that you mention the lack of sauces and relishes on hamburgers there. We've been experiencing the same thing here. I've been tempted to bring my own onion relish stuffed in my purse, lol...

    Thank you so much for sharing your lunch visit with us and for visiting my blog. In answer to your question, those ads were from 1952!!! I really enjoyed my visit, Sherry. I will be sure and drop by again:)

    1. thanks louise. i enjoyed my visit to your blog too:) yes great idea- i often think of bringing all sorts of condiments to restaurants/cafes. why oh why don't they put them on the food? you wonder if they ever taste it? surely they would realise there isn't enough seasoning etc?


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