Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Peppers Seaport Hotel Launceston

A travel blogger friend recently wrote that she thinks it's important to have a nice hotel to come home to at the end of a busy, touristy day.  I couldn't agree more.  I want a comfy room, with views if possible.  And a big screen TV (or 2), and a coffee pod machine, and a king-size bed ...  Well, here at Pepper's, we had all that.

We'd been staying with friends in Hobart, but were now off for an adventure, heading north.  We've been to Launceston many times, but never stayed in this part of town before.  The hotel sits on the river Esk, on a former dry dock, with views of the other Pepper's hotel across the way.  There are also views of the building work going on across the river, too.  Mmm, wonder what it will be?

looking back at the hotel from the walkway  

Mr P. and I had a lovely corner suite on the second floor, with 2 balconies, a kitchen and sitting room.  It was very quiet and peaceful as our room was at the end of a long corridor.  Reception was very friendly; and there is a coffee/hot chocolate and cookie bar in the foyer for guests - very thoughtful on a cold, rainy day.  We had to take our own bags upstairs, but they do provide a large trolley if you need it.      

the view from one of the balconies

We had a king-size bed, which I love, but the bedroom was surprisingly small.  I have to say there was a fair bit of wasted space in the design of this Luxury Marina View suite.  Does the average tourist really need a wardrobe in the bedroom, AND one in the little hallway between lounge and bathroom?  There was also a heck of a lot of unused real estate in the bathroom.  Mr P. being a building designer had plenty to say about how the space could have been used more effectively to give a bigger bedroom, and a more useful bathroom.

lovely king-size bed
looking out over both balconies

see all that empty space in the corner?:=)

With all that space, we would have loved a second vanity and more bench area.  But nevertheless, the shower was big and had good hot water.  There were plenty of Appelles toiletries, and the towels were changed everyday.  How wonderfully luxurious does that feel!

Okay, let's get the whinges out of the way:

- no luggage racks

- no reading lights in the bedroom

- freezer looked like the Antarctic; badly needed some global warming (defrosting)

- coat hangers and extra pillows so high I couldn't reach them

- no electric blanket (I guess they breed 'em tough down there)

Great things:

- big bed

- full-size fridge

- complimentary water, beer and cider

- laundry in the suite

- coffee pod machine (and easy to use)

- 2 balconies

- large living space, with a dining table and chairs at one end

- plenty of parking (only $10 per day)

- several restaurants underneath and beside the hotel

- pillow menu

- extra blankets if requested

- a desk and power points aplenty

- free Wi-Fi

the living area
the kitchen

enjoying some local water

this might keep me going for the day

sunset from our balcony, after the storm

the foggy view on our first morning

We enjoyed our 3 night stay here.  It was comfortable and quiet; we felt safe and secure; staff were friendly and it was a very pleasant place to rest our heads before we headed back to sunny Queensland.

(This hotel stay was independently paid for.)

Peppers Seaport Hotel
28 Seaport Blvd.,
Launceston TAS 7250
Ph: 1300 987 600


  1. Peppers was indeed a good spot to stay. Having the corner room was great. Like Mrs P I liked all the good stuff too. Try it!

  2. Your habit of re-designing hotel rooms is evidently shared worldwide. My sister and I were having breakfast in a hotel we stayed at recently and got into a conversation with a woman who joined our table about that subject which we had all thought about. So many ways we could improve on the location of doors, the sight-lines, the way bathroom light switches are outside the door so the light shines right into the eyes of the sleeping companion in the middle of the night...

    That said, your hotel looks very nice and pleasant... have a great stay!

    mae at

    1. hi Mae
      yes hubby and i often discuss how to improve hotel rooms! and it seems so easy you wonder why they didn't build it that way from the get-go:) it is a lovely place to stay regardless, and we enjoyed our break. cheers S

  3. Ooh I stayed here and really liked it! The view was gorgeous and I found my suite nice and roomy :D

    1. yes it's very pleasant isn't it lorraine? we enjoyed the break. so quiet too; easy to sleep. cheers sherry

  4. Having a coffee pod machine that's easy to use is HUGE! I can never figure out how most of them are supposed to operate. :-( Always nice to take a short trip, isn't it? Fun read -- thanks.

    1. hi KR
      yes i've finally learned how to use a pod machine. it was a very peaceful and relaxing place to stay. cheers S

  5. Very good review Sherry. I would not have been happy with no reading lamps.

    1. thank you tandy. yes it's odd how so many hotels even pricey ones do not have good reading lights. especially considering they must have a lot of business travellers doing work. cheers S

  6. I love your honest review Sherry. Hobart is such a beautiful place, but no electric blanket? I hope you had the air conditioning turned up very high. The view however, is so gorgeous, you have taken me right back to the harbour and I hope you had a lovely time before journeying up to Launceston. I look forward to your Hobart food review :D

    1. thanks merryn for the kind words. yes we had a lovely time in tassie as always. we both come from cold parts so love the change from up here in always-warm QLD. cheers S


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