Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Brisbane Open House October 2015

Phew!  My feet are still killing me after a weekend of volunteering and traipsing around town peeking into wonderful buildings.  Brisbane along with many other cities around the world opens up its historical, and/or just plain fabulous buildings, houses, churches and so on to the public for one weekend each year.  It is a great time of year for it, as it is not too hot yet, and the jacarandas are just starting to bloom as are all the other Spring flowers.  

For the last 3 years, I have volunteered for Brisbane Open House.  This year, I conducted guided tours for The Chambers -  the former National Australia Bank building built in 1885. (They are still tenants there).  Wow!  That was a bit scary, seeing that I have never done tours before.  But I made it through, and was very pleased with myself to have met a big challenge, and survived to tell the tale.

beautiful stairs in the Masonic Memorial Temple   

The Temple was built between 1928-30, in the Classical Revival style.  I especially love the marble stairs, the Corinthian columns and the bronze front door.      

looking across to the GPO from the balcony of The Chambers    

I love that tower on top of the GPO.  I want to live there:=)

ornate ceiling and lovely chandelier in the Board Room of The Chambers 

St. Stephen's Chapel    

This little church began life in 1850, and was the only Roman Catholic church in Brisbane till 1874.

interior of Wilson Architects in Spring Hill  

This is a really wonderful re-use of an old terrace house and an original Queenslander. You can see where they have joined the two buildings, leaving the old fire place in the cottage as evidence of a previous existence. 

glorious oleanders outside their office  

St. Brigid's, Red Hill  

This building has design features from the Gothic French cathedral Sainte-Cecile in Albi (check it out on Youtube).  St Brigid's sits on the top of a hill with amazing views over Brisbane.  We were lucky enough to hear the organ being played during our visit.

fabulous architectural features on the Roma Street Station Heritage Building  

This was the original Brisbane Terminal Station.  The facade has been beautifully restored, with the internal spaces still to be fully renovated.

lots do to on the inside! 

A newly-retired friend also took up the challenge and volunteered for Open House this year.  It is exhausting and exhilarating; so much fun and so much to see and learn.  Put it in your calendar for next year.  You will get a whole new perspective on your city.


  1. How wonderful of you to volunteer Sherry! It must have been fascinating to see the inside to so many historical buildings.

    1. hi lorraine
      it was a bit scary doing the tours. i had never been a tour guide before:) it was heaps of fun too.

  2. Thank you so much Sherry for sharing such wonderful photos and history with us. The old buildings have so much charm and character, I wish I could have been there to take your tour.

    1. hi stella
      yes it would have been lovely to have you on the tours! another time...

  3. You must be exhausted from all that walking but I guess walking can only be good for you and how interesting are all those buildings and how stunning is the architecture. I would love to do something like this xx

    1. it was very tiring on the feet charlie but alot of fun. you will have to go to the sydney event next year:)

  4. Great post Sherry. I love Brisbane Open House and hope to do some posts in the coming months. Excellent photos too. They just need a muddy filetr ; )

    1. Thanks Fiona. It was a fab weekend wasn't it? Ha ha:). Muddy filter indeed.


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