Friday, 12 February 2016

Targa Café/Restaurant - Review

You don't need to hear again about how much we love northern New South Wales - but:=)  Mr P. and I tootled off to Byron Bay while we were down there for our anniversary, on the hunt for a decent lunch.  A lot of cafés are shut on Mondays, but this being a tourist town, there were luckily plenty of places open.  On a drive through the Byron streets, we came upon Targa in the quieter end of town.

File:Classic Moto Show 2014 (115).JPG
 no not the car, silly!  (author Dawid783)    

We were expecting the usual dismissive, hipster, oh you want service? kind of attitude that is all too common these days but we were very happily surprised to be wrong.  We were served by a friendly waitress who helped us out with the tricky new parking meters (she said they never work properly).  

Smoothies were the order of the day, and yes I had a banana one again!  Has the world gone mad?  Me the banana hater?  Yep I too think I have been taken over by an alien colonist.  Mr P. had a mixed berry one.  Smoothie that is, not an alien colonist.

banana smoothie $7.50   

This was nicely cold and frothy, and not too banana-y.  Made with yoghurt and a hint of cinnamon which gave it a subtle and spicy oomph.  

yes this was a very pink mixed berry smoothie  $7.50

Cold and frothy, just the way he likes it.  He hoovered that up very quickly.

We both had salads; chicken for me and asparagus for him.  Oh, and the obligatory bowl of chips with aioli.  Oh come on, I bet you do too:=).  You can also get burgers, steak, pasta, fish and even a twice-baked souffle if you so desire.

warm chicken salad  $18   

I really loved the freshness of this dish.  Fresh diced mango, and local macadamias, with warm poached chicken and lemon olive oil made me a happy gal.  The chicken was moist and flavoursome; I love the use of thighs here as I think it is the tastier part of the bird.

bowl of fries with aioli $9  

The fries were fine; crispy on the outside, very moreish with the aioli.  Whatever happened to good old tomato sauce?  Not that I miss it, but I just wonder if others crave it with their chips?

grilled haloumi and asparagus salad $18     

Haloumi is Mr P.'s fave cheese and as he usually orders vego when we are out, this was perfect for him.  He said the asparagus was cooked just right, and the haloumi went down very well too.  And even better, this is locally made haloumi.  He loved the tangy dressing too.  The greens are organic (and local I think), so you don't have to feel guilty about food miles or killing off the bees.  

this is the ceiling showing off a Targa car - I love it!    

love their sign too!   

We had a really enjoyable and peaceful lunch away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets.  The meals were fresh and tasty, service pleasant and helpful.  The locals are lucky to have this establishment which serves as a cafe cum restaurant and bar. They do breakfast, lunch, dinner and bar snacks.  And coffee daily from 7 am.  

(My only quibble is the 70 cents surcharge we had to pay for using a debit mastercard. We queried it as we have never had to pay this fee anywhere else in any State!  She said that's what they do.  I told you these New South Welshmen are a bit odd.)  

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  1. Haha I always want to order a bowl of chips and aioli! I thought that Targa was the name of a car! Silly me :D

    1. yep you are right. targa is a porsche in fact. wish i had one.:)

  2. Nothing wrong with chips on the side, in fact it wouldn't be sensible not to do it!

    1. Very true Jem. Fries and aioli are de rigeur.

  3. Sounds like the perfect place to stumble into! Every now and then when we go out I get fries, but here in the US usually not with Aioli. Back in the days, back in Germany I always had them 'red & white' i.e. with ketchup and mayonnaise :)
    Oh, and I loooooove haloumi - so yum!

    1. What sauce do they give you claudia? Aioli is pretty much obligatory here :))

  4. Chips and sauce is no doubt looked upon a very old fashioned and daggy. Of course, it's the best accompaniment as long as it's a good brand (not a fan of Heinz). Sounds like a good meal at a fun place. (70c? - tell 'em they're laughing)

    1. we keep finding weird little oddities down there. such an odd lot down in NSW:)


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