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Butcher Baker Bangalow - Review

If you know anything about me folks, you know I love the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales.  And I'm rather fond of Bangalow, a sweet little village only 15 kilometres from Byron Bay.  It's become extremely trendy over the last few years, with lots of big city visitors stomping around in their expensive sunglasses and designer jeans.  Oh for the good old days, when you could zip into the local hardware store on the main street, and buy a pair of shiny blue gumboots!

Mr P. and I often stop in to have a wander around, say hi to our friends who run the art gallery, and grab a bite to eat.  We noticed on one of our recent trips down, that an old fave had morphed into Butcher Baker.  Heading to Ballina, we stopped here for some lunch on our way down last month.  

gotta love that sense of humour 

Mr P. had booked a table, so we got a nice little one set between large windows, with a view up the entire café to the front door.  Staff were friendly and helpful, and settled us down with menus and water.  We were seated next to the kiddies' table, so had fun watching some young ones drawing and playing. 

the usual set-up

Strange how we've all come to accept that cutlery and napkins are kept in a tub on the table!  Never mind, the staff made us feel welcome, even with the plastic ivy and ferns :=)

strawberry thickshake $8.50 and Super Fuel $9.50   

I went a bit all out there, and didn't have a coffee!  Instead I chose a Super Fuel smoothie, which has banana, dates, bee pollen, psyllium husks et al.  Yep I know what you're thinking: has she gone mad or been replaced with an alien?  The gal who hates banana and dates?!  I confess I have never been a consistent creature, so there's no explanation for it.  This drink was not bad; quite filling and tasted pretty good.  Hubby had his usual strawberry thickshake.  We were both surprised that it seemed to be made on a commercial syrup, rather than frozen fruit (seeing as how this place looks to be alternative and kinda healthy.)

warm chicken salad $22

Yep, another healthy choice for me.  What is the world coming to?:=)  From the Large Plates on the menu, I had grilled chicken, smoked beetroot, roast pumpkin, lettuce with honey turmeric dressing.  The dressing was tangy and bright.  Quibbles? - the chicken was in tiny strips which made it hard to get any real flavour from it.  I did expect big chunks, to be honest.  The salad was fresh and tasty, but there wasn't as much flavour from the pumpkin or beetroot as I expected.  I like food that has a real punch, especially when the menu says it has been smoked or roasted.

Mr P. had a peanut saté veg. burger $20 

Here he is helpfully showing off the pan-fried lentil veggie peanut pattie.  Looks a bit odd, but he loved it.  He said it was crunchy and flavourful with great texture.  Plenty of the tasty ("tastes real" said Mr P.) shoestring fries with the burger.  Thank goodness the waitress suggested we didn't need extra fries.  Loved the enamel dish that the burger arrived in.  Cute as heck.  Mr P. said the leafy bits of lettuce were hard to handle, and kept falling out of his bun.       

lots of sweet goodies here 

How good were we?  We didn't indulge in their enticing, sweet treats, some of which are vegan as you can see.  

The menu has Large Plates which includes fish, lamb and pork in various guises, as well as a beef, bacon and cheese burger.  (And my salad.)  You can also eat from the Tapas menu, which has bread and dips, potato latkes, mushrooms, brussels sprouts, Spanish meatballs and assorted dishes.  There are various organic drinks, and cold pressed juices, along with tea, coffee, shakes and wine.  Don't forget wine!  Also locally-brewed beers, and some less local wines from France, Tasmania and so on.   Oops, nearly forgot to mention the hot sandwiches like tuna melts, B&E roll et al.  And the cocktails.  And the kiddies' menu.

long, narrow building with horizontal boards ceiling  

I love these old shops in country towns.  They're often long and narrow, sometimes with pressed metal ceilings.  I think this part of the building may have been the residence, with the shop at the front.  All in all, we had a pleasant stopover for lunch, with tasty and healthy food.  The staff were welcoming, and there was a lovely, family-friendly atmosphere.  Oh, and did I mention they were the AGFG Readers' Choice Winner for 2018?

love the pressed metal ceiling

Opening hours: Sun-thurs 7-4/Fri and Sat 7-5.30

Ph: 02 6687 2088
13 Byron St., Bangalow NSW 2479

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  1. It was really good to go to this restaurant in Bangalow under the new regime. As Mrs pickings says I really enjoyed my main. Clever use of ingredients to create the hamburger. Lovely Space too. Pity my strawberry drink had no strawberries in it. Good reason to visit the lovely village of Bangalow.

  2. I visited Bangalow for the first time ever back in August, when I was in the region for the Byron Bay Writers Fest. You are right - it is absolutely charming. A very pretty town with loads of lovely shops. I guess I was one of the dreaded tourists, although I'm totally not the designer anything sort!

    1. how wonderful to be in the area for the festival. well i guess i am just as much a dreaded tourist, just that we've been coming down for many a year:) cheers sherry

  3. So cute Sherry that Mr. P comments on your blog. Nice support.We visited a cousin in Bangalow nearly 10 years ago now I suppose and loved it, looks like it has really changed.Enjoyed your report on the food, and was indeed surprised by you ordering a drink with dates:) This does look like my kind of cafe when travelling as well. Cheers, Pauline

    1. yes pauline
      bangalow has gone all trendy these days. i still love it but... i know what's the world coming to? me and dates?! cheers S


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