Sunday 18 December 2016

A - Z Guidebook - Sopron, Hungary & My Sunday Photo

Firewatch Tower, Sopron  

We really loved Hungary when we visited as part of our big backpacking trip in our younger days.  It was still pretty scary in those days as Communism still reigned supreme.  Our lovely homestay host came with us to the train station to say goodbye, but he was fairly terrified of all the guards stomping around with big guns slung over their shoulders, and pretended he didn't know us while they were around.  A bit of an unusual experience for these young Aussies.  So not used to seeing people with biiiggg guns!

This tower has 200 steps to the top - we climbed them all, so we could check out the view.  We met a very interesting young fella in Sopron who was actually from Vienna on a trip.  He was quite the young Nazi!  He was not a fan of the Jewish people; all Europe's problems were their fault apparently.  Scary stuff I tell you.  And he was only about 20 - OMG, pretty shocking.  Fortunately, we met no other self-professed neo Nazis.  

We had a wonderful time, checking out the historical architecture and meeting lovely people.  And eating interesting food, including 2 whole tureens of soup at one restaurant.  We didn't realise you were supposed to serve yourself and just fill your bowl with a ladle of soup.  We thought you had to eat it all!  So we did.  Lord knows what the locals thought of us.

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Thursday 15 December 2016

The Kitchens Robina Town Centre

Come Christmas time I hop on a train and head down the coast to visit my sister.  We do a catch up with some shopping and eating at Robina, a big shopping centre at the southern end of the Gold Coast.  Mr P. stays at home slaving away doing his thing (which is designing houses).

love all the curved plywood (?) up above 

Robina has had an extension this year; it now boasts The Kitchens which has all sorts of foodie haunts like a greengrocer, butcher, caf├ęs, cake shops, and restaurants.  It opened a few weeks ago with the likes of George Calombaris along to spruik his Greek street food venue Jimmy Grants.

chocolates/cakes/meats - they have it all


Concrete is apparently ice cream!  It is frozen custard that is set and scraped from a barrel, then you can add in whatever you fancy, or even go for a spiked version.  I think I'll have to try that next time.

look at this gorgeous piece of equipment 

I think this is a cold drip coffee maker, but to me it is a thing of beauty.  It looks alchemical, mystical and magical.

all the pretty things  

how gorgeous is this

lots of sweet things

George's place

love the architecture here - so much curved beauty 

Blondie (my sis) in front of the stunning Xmas tree 

This tree was made by a team of 6 artisans over 8 weeks in Byron Bay.  Each pelican was individually sculpted and hand-painted; and there are close to 600 of them.  I wants one:=) - as Gollum would say.

I did have one issue with The Kitchens - it is a very long walk from the carpark where we were.  I guess you can consider it walking off all the goodies you have just consumed.  I do wonder about the upper level, as it is cavernous and obviously you have to head upstairs.  Not sure how many people will bother to do that. Anyways, sis and I had a fun lunch together in an interesting spot.

I adore pelicans, even wooden ones 

Merry Christmas everyone!  or whatever version of holidays you celebrate :=)