A Bit About Me

My blog is about cooking, travelling, reading and other fun adventures I now undertake in my retirement.  After many years in the Public Service, I am now ever so happily retired and embarking on many adventures along the way.  I am super-busy and raring to go!  I am still happily married after way too many years to count, and am really enjoying the next chapter in my life. 

I live in sunny Brisbane Australia, along with my husband Mr Pickings and lots of wild birds that come for regular handouts.

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  1. I started my blog after retirement as well, and then went back to work. A failure at retirement. Some day soon it will come again.

    1. that's funny liz. i love retirement!

    2. ...me too! Don't know how I found time to go to work. Retirement rocks! ;-))

      Btw, thanks for the Fingerlime Curd Recipe, have heaps of them right now so guess what I'll me making tomorrow. A few months ago I made some Seven Fruit Marmalade and added slices of Red Fingerlimes. Looks great in the jars and tastes even better! ;-)

    3. gotta love finger limes. so gorgeous.

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