Add your IN MY KITCHEN Link

I am very happy to see you here, folks!  Welcome to In My Kitchen, the monthly gathering of global food bloggers.  This is the place where we show off our latest lovelies in our kitchens, whether it be produce, gadgets, dishes we have made, or various kitchen sundries.

Feel free to join in by adding your link via the inlinkz badge on my IMK post.  I will also have a list of IMK posts for those people who prefer not to log-in, so either comment with your details on the monthly IMK post, or you can email me with your post details and I will add it to the list.

The simple process is:

  1. As host, I create my own post for In My Kitchen.  It will appear on the 1st of the month. 
  2. You create a blog post for your In My Kitchen items.
  3. Add your post via the Inlinkz LinkUp, that you click on and link your post. 
  4. Done!

The monthly In My Kitchen LinkUp will be available from 1st (00:05) to 13th (23:59) of each month, Brisbane time.

  • Please add a link back to my blog:

Link-Up your post to In My Kitchen:

  • Copy the URL of your IMK post.
  • On my In My Kitchen post is a LinkUp, that shows when and how long the link is available.
  • Click on it and enter the details it requests.  This starts with your post's URL.   It automatically detects your blog and allows you to select an image as the thumbnail.  N.B. I don't actually see how this works as I don't have to add my post via Inlinkz so I am not 100% sure what you see!

All too hard?
Email me and I'll add a link to your post in the body of the monthly IMK post.
Cheers, good luck and see you here each month!


  1. Thanks for hosting #IMK Sherry. Hope you don't mind, I've added your badge to my site so everyone can see it all times xx

    1. That's fab! I hope everyone will add the badge eventually. Thanks for joining in. Cheers.

  2. Hi Sherry saw this badge which I will add when I get chance before next IMK.

    Aida at SOTG

    1. Hi Aida,
      Nice to see you here. That would be fab! cheers sherry

    2. I will add you to the sidebar AIda as the linky thing has closed. (it's set to a certain time so I can't add anymore, I think).

  3. Sherry, next month I promise to figure out how to add your badge to my post. :) Thanks for offering myriad possibilities, but my mind is boggled by Christmas music. ('Tis the Season!) In the meantime, I hope you're able to link up my post. Thanks!

    1. no worries Kim. have a great festive season. cheers sherry xx

  4. I added your graphic to my page but somehow I cannot add the link here....

    1. thanks sally for joining in. I must update this post here!:-)

  5. Hi Sherry I added the IMK badge to my page, but the link wouldn't open.
    Many thanks, Pauline

  6. Hi Sherry I added your graphic to my page but cant' find the link to add my link.
    Love your IMK post. Those gin puddings look amazing, I could be substituting gin for brandy next year. Have a wonderful festive season.
    I need you to add it if you could please.

    1. hi pauline
      i can see that there is no link on my IMK post when you view it on a mobile; it's only on the laptop. Is that what is happening for you? or not happening... I will add yours manually.


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