Thursday, 13 May 2021

Sardines on Toast AKA Simon's Sardine Sandwich

I love sardines, but hubby doesn't so I eat 'em when he's not around.  I mean really, what a sook :-)  I used to eat these often in my childhood, and I really liked the ones in tomato sauce.  Yep, I know, ironic since I'm not a huge tomato fan.  I also used to love those tiny lambs' tongues that came in a can.  I was the only one of the four siblings who ate such things.  My sister was a vegetarian when she came out of the womb, and still is, all these years later.  

This recipe is from The Artists' and Writers' Cookbook, edited by Natalie Eve Garrett.  Simon Rich is the author of this one; no idea who he is.  I think I've mentioned before that I don't know any of the afore-mentioned artists and writers, so it's all a bit Greek to me.  And the recipes are ... well, odd to say the least.  Oh, I see now: he is a writer of humour, short stories and novels.  Well, I guess this 'recipe' was a bit of a joke, though he swears he loved it when his grandparents made it for him. 

"you shall have a fishy on a little dishy"    La la la ...

Serves 1:


1 English muffin (I used wholemeal)

a dollop of mustard (I used homemade whole grain), to taste

1 can of sardines (he used King Oscar), in extra virgin olive oil

1 red/Spanish onion, finely chopped - but you won't need much

a wee bit of ground black pepper and a small squeeze of lemon juice - optional - my idea

a sprinkle of fresh parsley and chives, finely chopped (optional, also my idea)


Toast the muffin

Spread mustard (sparingly unless you love it) over both halves

Lay the sardines over the mustard

Now throw on the onion (and add the pepper and lemon juice if using), then sprinkle greenly with parsley and chives



Simon says (ha ha) that his tin of sardines holds 12 little fishies; I used Spanish organic sardines (120g./4 oz) which were deliciously plump and mild in flavour and not too salty!  And gave the perfect amount of fishy business

This is ideal for a quick lunch for one; you can add more herbs, or  some greenery, or some preserved lemon, or radish, whatever takes your fancy.  Oddly, while going through some previous posts this week, I noticed I had made a very similar dish a year ago! - sardines and preserved lemon on toast.  What a co-incidence.  Anyway, this is a tangy, salty, fishy brunch or lunch dish.  Enjoy with a shot of vodka :-)  Well, maybe not at lunchtime.  And here's to the eighth year of my blog which was on 6 May! 

gather your ingredients

on go the mustard and plump sardines

sprinkle with onion and pepper and herbs

© Sherry M.

Saturday, 1 May 2021

In My Kitchen - May 2021

Well, so much for best-laid plans; I had lots of things to tick off my to-do list this week, but you know - mice and men ...  So this is a super quick IMK post from me.  I'm as sick as a dog at the moment, with an out of the blue flu thingy.  Mr P. has bought me many boxes of tissues, and tins of soup!  And made me tasty dinners to whet my appetite - grilled salmon and salad, roast chicken (from the shop) and salad and so on.  He does have a large repertoire of dishes in his cooking arsenal, but my flu-ridden body just ain't up to it.

So, let's talk - as someone (Joan Rivers?) used to say.  Here are a few things from my kitchen.  Looking forward to seeing yours.

In My Kitchen:

a (shop-bought) painted white chocolate koala for Easter

I bought this from a swish patisserie/baker for Easter.  We loved this chocolate koala, but their Easter buns were a bit suss.  Expensive too!, but I ended up throwing half of them out.  Darn!  Back to the el cheapo versions next year.

yep true to label!

I buy a bottle of this every year.  Somewhat shamefacedly I have to admit that last year's bottle sits unopened in my pantry, along with several different varieties of EVOO.  For my American readers, you can buy Cobram Estate Evoo too, as they have an olive grove in California.  (At a different time of year to Australia obvs. for the first harvest oil.)


On our way down the coast to an art exhibition (and my sister's birthday dinner) last weekend, we stopped in at Poppy's chocolate shop.  Those freeze-dried lychees are the bomb!  And I adore chocolate freckles, so they didn't last long.

goodies from the Brisbane Pickle Co.

As it was Mr P.'s birthday this month, he received a lovely food hamper from friends, including these interesting specimens.  Our mate Lucy who owns a wonderful providore shop called Mumbleberry down the local village, packed these up for him.  She knows our tastes, as we head there once a week usually.

my teenage granddad heading off to war in 1915

And here's my curveball, which I love to put up every April for Anzac Day.  This is Bertie, my granddad, who clearly lied about his age!  He went to Gallipoli, was blown up in a Turkish bombardment and then sent to England to recover.  He lived with the pain for the rest of his life, and was in and out of the Repat Hospital many times over the years.  Thank goodness he survived; otherwise you wouldn't be reading this from me :-)

That's it for this month.  Join in please, all you beautiful lovelies, as the wonderful Emmy from her Youtube channel EmmyMade calls her faithful viewers.  I love Emmy - those teeth, that hair, that smile ...


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