Monday 21 February 2022

Bounty Bar Ice Cream

(Addendum: Sorry U.S. readers that I didn't explain Bounty and Flake!  I assumed they were American but no, it seems they are British chocolate bars. A Bounty is coconut covered in chocolate (enrobed as they say), and a Flake is a rippley, flaky bar that falls apart into lovely, melty pieces.  But any of your faves will do; preferably coconut-flavoured for the ice cream, of course.)

More ice cream, you say?!  Yes folks, here we have it.  A dessert filled with dairy and sugar and chocolate, so nope, not in our usual eating plan.  But for a sweet treat, now and then ...  This is rich, and delicious (as our neighbour/friend texted after she'd hoovered some down), so eat this in small amounts.

I used to looooove Bounty bars, in my younger days.  I still do, and though the taste buds are willing, the stomach juices are not :-)  In fact, now I've pretty much given up dairy and wheat, my stomach behaves like a trooper.  Yep, when my doctor told me I was lactose-intolerant all those years ago, I should have listened.  What?!  You mean doctors actually know stuff??  Who knew??   

pretty darn delicious


Original recipe by Sherry M.

Serves 6-8:


1 Flake chocolate bar 

500 mL (17 oz) thickened cream (at least 35% fat)

2 Tbs icing sugar/powdered sugar

1/4 tsp coconut essence

1 tin (320g./11 oz) condensed coconut milk

1 Bounty bar, chopped into small chunks

2 Tbs dessicated/shredded coconut

100g./3.5 oz dark chocolate

100g./3.5 oz milk chocolate

1 (more) Bounty bar, for the top

1 (more) Flake bar, for the top

1-2 Tbs extra dessicated coconut, for the top


Grab a loaf tin (mine is 23 x13 x 6cm.), and line it with freezer film or cling wrap - leave a large margin so you can cover it well

Break up the Flake bar and cast it across the base of the tin

Now whip the cream in a large bowl, with the icing sugar and the coconut essence - you want nice, firm peaks!

Now add the condensed milk, the Bounty bar chunks and the coconut

Stir it all gently through, and pour into the lined loaf tin

Melt the dark chocolate and the milk chocolate in separate bowls: in the microwave is easiest and quickest, but don't burn your milk chocolate like I did, forgetting how much more quickly it melts than the dark stuff :-)

Let them cool for several minutes, then swirl them through the ice cream mixture in the tin

Then throw the chopped Bounty chunks, the broken-up Flake, and the extra coconut over the top 

Cover with the freezer film, and put in the freezer for at least 6 hours or overnight

Take the loaf tin out of the freezer and let it warm up for a few minutes, then pull the entire ice cream loaf out of the tin by the film flaps, place on a cutting board and cut a slice for each person


If you can't get condensed coconut milk, try using normal condensed milk with a couple of teaspoons (or more?) of coconut essence.  It's strong stuff, so taste it before adding more

Lindt chocolate is perfect here (not an ad); really easy to snap, melts readily and gives a lovely, smooth chocolate mixture

My loaf tin holds about 1 Litre/2 lb, but the actual measurements on your tin may be a wee bit different.  As long as it holds about 1 Litre, you're okay

Just an aside here; the hows and whys of a Flake bar doing what it does - i.e. - falling apart into lovely pieces that stay as they are (does that even make sense?) have been discovered by an Aussie food scientist/cook/Youtuber called Ann Reardon.  Check out her vlog, folks, for really interesting science of recipes, food and food hacks.

gather your ingredients

whip till you have firm peaks

throw Flake bar pieces over the base of your lined loaf tin

stir the chunks into the mixture

into the freezer for at least 6 hours

I gave some to the neighbours - honest!

sweet and coconutty

(Joining up with Marg from The Intrepid Reader blog.)

© Sherry M.

Thursday 10 February 2022

Fruity dragonfruit instant 'ice cream'

I'm having a dragonfruit kind of summer! (Dragon fruit/dragonfruit? - I dunno.)  I made this dessert when our Tassie friend dropped by recently, and I've made it again because it's delicious.  You will need a large and powerful blender or food processor for this, my friends!

I have another version of this on the blog already, but I'm easing myself into blogging again, so I thought why not?  Two birds one stone etc ...  Have I mentioned that I fell over again just before Christmas?  At least I fell fully on my knee, so my ribs had a shakeup but not a catastrophic event.  My knee wasn't happy though.  Reminder to self: Do not slip on wet bathroom floors!!


Miss P. doing the instant ice cream shuffle

This recipe is taken from a Matt Preston (Aussie food critic/cookbook author) one.  And as regards copyright  - I've rewritten the prose (as I always do).  Aussie copyright law says a list of ingredients is not under copyright (I mean how many ways can you say - one teaspoon of sugar?), but the prose is subject to it, so I always put the method in my own words.

Anyway, here it is:

Serves 6:


500g. (17 oz) frozen dragonfruit (or fruit of your choice)

40-50g. (1.5 oz approx) caster sugar or icing sugar

1 large egg white

1-2 tbs cherry liqueur (or vanilla extract or your fave liqueur)

1-2 tbs lemon juice, if not using liqueur

fresh fruit for serving, and some chopped-up dried fruit if you wish to gild the lily - I used dried dragonfruit of course :-)


Grab your super-sonic processor/blender and throw in the fruit

Whizz it and whizz it and whizz it till it starts to get soft and creamy - will take several (even 5) minutes

Add the sugar after a couple of minutes of whizzing, or when you remember it

Then tip in the egg white and the liqueur, and give it a quick blitz

Serve immediately with the fresh and dried fruit

Will store in the freezer for a few days, but is best eaten ASAP


I used a mix of fruit - mostly dragonfruit with some raspberries and strawberries - but you choose!  You can use bananas, or pineapple, or stone fruit; whatever you fancy.  Just chop it up and freeze it before using in this dessert.  I bought the frozen dragonfruit (too lazy to peel and chop the spiky, fresh ones), but sliced up the strawberries and froze them the night before with the fresh raspberries

just a few ingredients

frozen fruit ready for blitzing

just starting to go creamy on the right hand side

and here's Miss K. about to dig in - yes really it's that pink!

so strange!  Looks kinda like dried liver or dead dog - tee hee

looks pretty odd when dried, but all-Aussie so that's good

and the ever-delightful Miss P. the Poet about to indulge when she was here

The first one was not quite as vibrant in colour as the one I made most recently; I think I used a greater mixture of berries and dragonfruit that time, so it didn't go quite as vibrantly, lusciously pink!  This is so simple and so fresh; definitely worth a go.

(Nasir Khan Bangladesh - Wikimedia Commons)

Tuesday 1 February 2022

In My Kitchen - February 2022

Hello dear foodie friends.  Great to be back, and almost well at long, long last.  I hope you've all had a marvellous festive season.  Ours was incredibly quiet - just me, Mr P. and a chicken sandwich :-)  But that's okay.  We ate, we walked, we took drives and visited a few art galleries.  Very relaxing.  

(I'll just quickly mention that I had a very nasty Anonymous comment before Christmas, decrying my photos and with a mean reference to copyright issues.  As you know, these sorts of comments are moderated and deleted, so it's pretty pointless.  I realise it was just a nasty spammer, so I'm not having a go at the lovely bloggers I know you are!  But just in case he/she is reading this: go away!  You will always be deleted!)

In My Kitchen:

pulling apart garlic heads/bulbs for the freezer

I got around to pulling apart these biodynamic bulbs that I buy online from Patrice Newell's farm.  My freezer is groaning with lots of lovely bags of cloves, ready for use throughout the year.

gorgeously green round bowl

I love this emerald-green Batch Ceramics bowl, given to me by friends as a hurry-up-and-get-well-soon gift.  This really cheered me up.  Thanks, Cooper family.  Oops, no.  I've just remembered it was a Christmas gift.  Still good :-)

a Chrissie gift from hubby

We use a lot of sesame oil in this house, so phooey to those who say: "only use a few drops 'cos it's so strong!"  We like a lot!  I've been using pure black sesame oil for ages, but decided to try this one.  The bottle looks so pretty, don't you think? ...

cute little jug

My cousin sent me this sweet little jug for Christmas.  Love its terracotta bottom, and white overlay.  

and there were pecans ...

A kilo of beautiful farm-fresh pecans from Boyne River Pecans.  They were delightful!  So fresh, and I didn't have to shell them!  Ever tried to shell fresh pecans?  It's a misery I tell you.

and a Tassie tea-towel

The ever-delightful Miss P. the Poet landed on our doorstep for dinner one night from the wilds of Tasmania.  She kindly handed over a tea-towel, knowing of my fetish.  And of course, I love Hobart and I love Salamanca Square.  All that history ...

and there were books ...

I love Stanley Tucci.  Look at those soulful eyes, and his cute round head.  I had no idea he had cancer, so that was a shock towards the end of the book.  And I am excited that Emily Blunt is his sister-in-law.  Love her!  And Dr. Annie Gray - what can I say?  She is a wonder; funny and smart, and writes interesting books.  

and my Christmas mugs

Once again, I gave lots of people mugs with my Christmas designs.  Whether they liked it or not - tee hee.  The printing place does a great job I think.  (Background: Platter by Starr; bronze sculpture by Denise Murray.)

my filtered and bottled Worcester sauce

Here is the end result after two weeks sitting in a nice, dark cupboard to absorb the flavours.  (Not me; if only.)  It's one of my best, says hubby.  Must have been that extra jalapeƱo :-)

and the wildcard!  Miss P. the Poet showing off dinner

and also Miss P. displaying my homemade berry 'ice cream'

We had a lovely catch-up, and a healthy dinner - baked salmon on couscous salad, plus a dairy-free instant 'ice cream'.  And that slurp of cherry liqueur hit the spot.

Crumbs! I look a bit stupified :-)

And as a final kind of wildcard - here's a bit of a promo for our recent talk.  For anyone on Facebook, you can view the talk Mr P. and I (and our friend Niles) gave at the local Historical Society.  My post is dated 17 January, under my name Sherry Mackay.

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