Thursday 29 September 2016

Downtown Istanbul - Restaurant Review

This is getting to be a habit.  Once again, Mr P. suggested we hit the road and head off to lunch.  Wow, my head was spinning ( a bit like Linda Blair in the 1973 movie The Exorcist.) "Let's go to that Turkish place," he said.  "You know, the one next to that place we didn't like."  I hadn't had Turkish food for ages, so I grabbed my bag and off we tootled.     

interior wall of the restaurant

We got there early, to find the tables were filling up quickly. School hols and a cinema complex?  Yep there were lots of kids and grandparents about.  The fab thing is it is not in a shopping centre, but just on the street in a very nice residential area.  (The poor locals must hate it - all those cars parked in front of their houses.)

We had a lovely waitress who was being run off her feet but still kept her cool.  The chap next to us was deeply attached to his phone, so when she asked him about his order, he didn't even look up.  We were very impressed that she was polite and patient with this obnoxious twit.  Service was prompt and friendly, especially considering how busy they were.

ginger beer $4 and Barossa Valley rosé $10   

This was a really lovely rosé, but are the drinks getting smaller these days or am I getting thirstier?  It seemed like a tiny amount in that big tumbler.

Mujver $13 

Mr P. and I both really enjoyed these light and airy vegetable fritters with garlic and dill yoghurt.  They were fried but not greasy, and we both gobbled them down.  Sometimes fritters can be heavy and dried-out, but not these little beauties.  The batter was light and crispy, the filling was airy, and the yoghurt gave it a bit of zing.  A nice starter to our cheeky, sneaky lunch. 

Pilic Sehrazat $24  

Both of us chose from the char grill section of the menu for our main.  I had the grilled chicken, while Mr P. had the minced lamb and beef skewers.  The chicken breast was slightly dry and a wee bit tough, but other than that, the flavours were good.  I really enjoyed the tangy beetroot relish that came with it.  Everybody knows chicken and mushroom are a match made in heaven, so the sauce went down well too.  This may sound a bit picky, but as much as I loved the creamy mushroom sauce, and really loved the beetroot relish, they didn't go together.  Separately fabulous; together not so much.  

Adana Shish $23  

Mr P. loved this.  He said it was tasty, and juicy and terrific.  He doesn't usually eat lamb so I was surprised that he liked it.  But yes he loved it all.  His only quibble was the complete lack of yoghurt or sauce of any kind.  Perhaps they forgot to add it to the plate?  

They have a bit of everything here on the menu.  Turkish pide (like pizza), salads, and sides including beer battered and sweet potato chips. You can get a cocktail, wine, or beer; burgers, flatbreads and share plates of dips and breads plus more of the usual Turkish suspects. The desserts sounded interesting too: chocolate tart with Turkish Delight icecream?  Yep, I need to try that one.  Next time.  

the old cinemas across the road (still working) plus new ones on this side  

The Pickings Verdict:  We need to come here again soon.  And maybe check out a movie too.

4/274 Hawthorne Rd.,


Ph: 07 3902 0726

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