Monday, 26 September 2016

Malteser Chocolate Pots - And A Book Review

Ooh, can I tell you how much I love Sophie Thompson?  I always knew she was a wonderful actress: remember that scene in Emma where Emma (Gwyneth Paltrow) makes fun of Miss Bates, Sophie's character?  The completely heartbroken, humiliated look on her face as she realises what Emma meant will stay with me forever.

Emma and Mr Knightley (public domain-1898) 

And now I know she is also a terrific cook who won Celebrity MasterChef UK in 2014, and a lovely artist as you can see by the sketches in this book.  And let's not forget her amazing acting family - sister Emma and mum Phyllida Law who is still going strong at 84.  Sophie sings, she dances, she writes books...Oh and did I mention that hilarious sex scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral?

And speaking of sex, what's the next best thing?  Chocolate you ninny.  Well, maybe better than!  So anyway, I was delighted to find a recipe for choc pots here, which uses Maltesers too.  Not much can be better than that.  I had been of a mind to make Nigella's choc pots, but then I picked up Sophie's book, et voilà!  Sadly for the state of my waistline, I am a secret Malteser fiend.  Mr P.'s mum gave us a big packet recently; I don't think he got a look in at all. :=)  So this was a no-brainer for moi.     

deliciousness in a tiny pot  

Serves 4:


150g. dark and/or milk chocolate - throw in some white if you like

50g. Maltesers + extra 30g. for the top

1 tsp vanilla extract

40 mls boiling water

100 mls thickened cream

a few cacao nibs (optional)


First melt your chocolate and Maltesers.  Here is where I differed from Sophie who tells you to do it the old-fashioned way with a bain-marie.  Sorry Sophie - these days we chuck it in the microwave for about 70 seconds till melted

Give it all a good stir and bash the hard Malteser centres to break them up

Add the vanilla and the boiling water - a bit at a time.  I got a bit frisky and chucked in half then the other half - all good

Grab your whisk and whisk in the cream in a steady stream

Spoon/pour the mixture into 4 wee ramekins and chill for a few hours

I whizzed the extra Maltesers and the cacao nibs together till I had a nice choc dust, and sprinkled it over the pots 


I had a thought that maybe whipping the cream first and folding it into the chocolate mix could be a goer.  Next time...

I also added a few dark choc covered coffee beans for extra oomph

The choc dust on top was my idea, but I think Sophie may have been more sensible, as it is very sweet already

just a few ingredients needed to make this quick and delish dessert   

look at those shiny little dark orbs - drooling me    

melted and ready for the cream 

pour in the cream and whisk it steadily  

spooning it out into 4 ramekins    

now zap your balls into dust   

and zapped!

tiny wee pots of chocolate that will knock your socks off   

I know they look small, but they are potent.  Just a perfect little ending to a good healthy meal of fish and steamed veg, which we had on the weekend with Princess Pia.  And of course dark chocolate is so good for you with its antioxidants and tryptophans. Did you know it is number 3 on the top ten list for antioxidant-rich foods?  Goji berries are number one, so stuff your face with those dark choc coated berries I say:=)  

Right, Sophie's book: I am enjoying it.  It has lots of family photos, plenty of her sweet sketches, and loads of easy, family recipes that she has gathered over the years.  The book is the usual sort of layout; it goes from soups and starters, through meat and fish, and ends with pud - i.e. English for dessert.  I love the list of her pantry staples, probably because it looks so much like mine.

Her recipes are well written, with clear instructions, and plenty of white space between the steps so your (my) little brain doesn't get confused.  There are lots of familiar recipes like fishcakes, pickled onions, schnitzel, and lasagne with Sophie's twists.  But also heaps of more daring dishes like braised Indian eggplant, babotie, coconut dahl, trendy pork belly and so on.  So my verdict is: lovely book with appealing and easy to make recipes.  I have quite a few on my to-make list now. 

my Maltesers doodle 


  1. I'm a bit of a freak for Maltesers too-anything with malt is delicious but especially chocolate! :D

    1. Oh yes malt is the best. What is a milkshake without it?

  2. I should check it out. She sounds like one hell of a talented woman! These just look devilish and delicious Sherry!

    1. Oh she is that Jem. I adore that Thompson family to bits. :)

  3. OMG Sherry - so love a Malteser and now in a pot? Heaven... off to buy some and make this... now!

  4. I like a Malteser myself and recently made Malteset Tiffin (naturally) for a party. Just an excuses to eats lots of chocolate - like your pots. I had no idea that Sophie was related to Emma (or Phylida) so there you go. We have a favourite line from the movie/book that we use often when we see a display of bad showmanship. 'Badly done Emma.... badly done'.

    1. Oh yes I often think of that quote too. I am intrigued -what is Malteser Tiffin?


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