Thursday 15 September 2016

British Colonial Co Bar And Dining - Review

"Let's go out for a late lunch", said Mr P.  No argument from me. "Let's try that new place opposite the Hawthorne cinemas," I replied.  A done deal, so into the car we hopped for a quick drive across town.  We found the British Colonial Co. looking all new and shiny, next to another new place Downtown Istanbul.  Mr P. nearly jumped ship at that point.  "How about that place?", he queried.  "Next time!", I told him as I steered him into the bar cum eatery.

heading in  

Our waiter was I think French, and a bit hard to understand (and I am damn good at accents, people).  The menu has a large cocktail component which takes up the first half of the pages.  Sadly, cocktails were out the afternoon we were there.  The explanation seemed to be that they were rewriting their Spring cocktails.  I was just a tad surprised that this meant they couldn't cough up a regular type drink e.g. a Bloody Mary for instance but no.  So I ended up with a very plain, not very pleasant, overpriced glass of Sauv Blanc.  The wine menu was not inspiring I have to say.  I guess the non-existent cocktails are their thang?! 

Sauv Blanc for me $10, ginger beer for Mr P. $4  

The French? waiter told me my choice of beef cheeks was a good one. Sadly I think I have to disagree.  After having had a superb version just the week before somewhere else, this was a bit weird. Shredded for a start so it looked abominable. Why??  And it was kind of dried out.  Mmm not that pleasant.  Oh, and it needed salt, but no salt and pepper shakers on the table.  I did see the waiter offering his huge, phallic pepper mill to other tables but not us.

Eastern beef cheeks $23.50  

Okay so it was priced appropriately=tick.  The pumpkin/sweet potato purée was tasty=tick. Quinoa not bad=tick.  But all in all, it just didn't have any pizzazz.  And sorry, but I loathe those chokey green things on top.  Not my fave dish then.

honey roasted pumpkin salad $18.50     

Mr P. thought this was tasty but "light on".   He felt there should have been more on the plate.  Halloumi slightly overcooked, but pumpkin "good".  This was an okay dish but not enough for him. "So glad I ordered the potatoes too", he said.    

potatoes bravas $11 

These little baked potatoes were good.  We loved the smoked paprika on top.  Just a wee bit overcooked though, so slightly limp. Mr P. says the pepper aioli was "quite nice".  

There was also a female waitress who seemed to be rather unhappy that day.  Chairs were uncomfortable, atmosphere the same.  We just didn't understand the whole colonial thing.  Sorry guys, just not my fave experience.  

looking back at the bar   

Verdict:  sorry we won't hurry back.

274 Hawthorne Rd., Hawthorne.
Ph: 0408 677 467

British Colonial Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


  1. Oh sounds like they have a few issues. And I'm usually quite good at understanding accents but then someone will come along and I'll be completely unable to understand them.

    1. Weird about accents isn't it? You have to be in tune at the time and sometimes it just doesn't work.

  2. That's so weird you just reviewed this place Sherry! I don't live far from there and I was 'tripadvisoring' it the other day because I wanted to try it out. I decided not to go as the reviews were all similar to yours!

    1. Yes it's strange. You would think if you are going to go to the trouble and expense of opening a restaurant you would do your very best to get it right!

  3. I had a similarly disappointing experience here. It's funny you mentioned Istanbul Cafe next door - it's much better than this place! I would definitely recommend it for next time.


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