Tuesday 8 October 2013

chocolate and potato cake

I love a moist chocolatey chocolate cake and this one from Belnda Jeffery's book Mix and Bake is a beauty.  (just follow the link above and hit the look inside button and then go into the second page and the recipe comes up).   It is so easily made- just chuck everything in a food processor, then whizz it and bake it.  Easy peasy!  For a bit of a change, I replaced 40g of the chocolate with caramel chips (drops, bits-whatever they are called) which gave it a slightly chewy, fudgy texture.  And instead of icing or ganache, I smothered it in Nutella mixed with cream, and spread it liberally over the top.  I actually whipped this up in the morning as a birthday surprise, and we were eating it by early lunch time.
Belinda Jeffery is definitely one of my food heroes (along with Nigella, and Not Quite Nigella, and Annabel Langbein).  Her recipes are easy, fabulous and delicious.  You can't go wrong if you buy her marvellous baking book!

adding the ingredients to the processor

mixture all ready for the oven

the result- ta da!

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  1. What a lovely cake and I love using vegetables in cakes. Aww and thank you for the lovely shout out too! :D


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