Monday, 20 January 2014

Cheese, herb and olive bread

They say love is a many-splendoured thing and the same can be said about bread!  Mr Pickings loves bread in all its forms, and could eat it all day every day, so when I made this savoury cheese and herb bread (from Mix and Bake by Belinda Jeffery) it did not last long.  This gorgeous and tasty loaf can be refrigerated or frozen but we never got to that point as it disappeared pretty damn quick.  And I have to say I ate my fair share!  Especially nice slathered with French butter which I confess I did.
I have a copy of this fabulous cookbook, but you can easily find the recipe online as many foodbloggers seem to like this fantastic, yeastless bread as much as I do.  I ended up adding a whole teaspoon of dried mustard by mistake but I think it went well.  And the suggestion of one blogger to add grain or Dijon instead of powder would be worth a try.   I also added a wee bit of dried chilli powder (the chillies were from a friend's garden and sundried by me (and the sun), which gave it a lovely kick.  I am going to try it next time with sundried tomatoes too.
the recipe from her fab cookbook

ingredients laid out ready to mix-look at that gorgeous thyme!

in the mixing bowl waiting to be anointed with lovely buttermilk etc- (sorry for upside down photo)

dry ingredients and wet ones ready to be amalgamated!

all mixed up and ready to bake

the beautiful herb-flecked cheesy bread out of the oven and already being devoured by Mr Pickings at this point in time. All we have left are the memories! 


  1. I've made something similar with beer and it's great although it's best eaten on the day that it's made. I love the sound of this flavour combo!

  2. Oh please, how easy is this and I agree with Lorraine - the combination of flavours suits me fine.


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