Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Paddock Espresso - cafe review

So many cafes, so little time.  Every time you look around there is another little pop-up coffee shop doing its thing.   Now here is a tiny place you probably wouldn't know exists unless you drive by it every day.  The new proprietors have done a nice spruce-up job, paving the tiny courtyard out the side, and giving it all a lick of paint, and a nice fresh feel. The front of the shop has been made elegant with shiny black tiles which set off the old fashioned facade beautifully. The other day a friend popped in, and we decided to walk down to Paddock for a chat and a coffee.  We sat outside, enjoying the balmy weather, and luckily missing the patchy rain that fell on and off.
The girls were lovely, and very helpful.  My friend Madame Yoga, who is vegetarian, asked if the ham and cheese toastie could be ham-less, and they happily replaced it with tomato.  I had a pumpkin pasta salad, which was nice and fresh (if just a tad too much pasta for this eater).  There is a cabinet with some sweet treats, wraps, fruit salad, and even a vegan slice for those who must.  And a drinks fridge with Nudie juices, waters and so on.  For such a small place, they have packed a lot in!  There is a counter bench at the front looking out to the street, where you can watch the world go by as you sip your coffee and prepare to face the hurly burly again.  This is a very pleasant spot to while away some time, and enjoy a coffee and light lunch.

cute courtyard pots 

funky clock 

drinks menu

coffee on the go 

food cabinet 

cappuccino - $3.80

pumpkin salad with fetta - $7.50 

tomato and cheese toastie - $7.50

pretty little courtyard 

looking in - love the shopfront tiles!

Paddock Espresso on Urbanspoon

Paddock Espresso
P 07 3077 6768
38 Chermside St, Grange
Hrs  M-F 6.30am to 2pm
Weekends 7am to 1pm


  1. Great review Sherry. Never has an opening line in a blog post been truer. SO many cafes! Looks cute and prices seem reasonable too.

    1. Hi Fiona
      Such a cute little place and the coffee is pretty good too.

  2. Hehe I'm liking the amount of feta in that salad! :D

  3. Love the name of this place and it looks so cute.

  4. I love the little pots of herbs. The tomato and cheese toastie looks very good xx

    1. hi charlie
      yes my friend enjoyed her toastie! the best one i ever had was in bondi at sensory lab. not sure what they did to it but it was superb.


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