Tuesday 24 March 2015

Melbourne Trip Feb 2015

If you're a foodie, you must be a bit in love with Melbourne.  So many cafes and restaurants, so much shopping, so much produce, so much more to see and do.  We ran around like mad things on our recent trip down for a niece's wedding but hardly made a dint in what I had hoped to catch up on.  Ah well, a great excuse for another trip.  We had such a fab time last month down there, and I took so many photos and oh shucks, I just have to share a few more photos of our trip. So here is a bit of a photo montage of things seen and places been.  Oh, and many things eaten!

dinosaurs at the Melbourne Museum  

my nephew and I at his sister's wedding-yes purple was the theme 

gorgeous niece (not the bride) with Mr Pickings 

inside the rightly famous Bendigo Gallery     

Mr Pickings's burger on crockery made especially for the Gallery by Bendigo Pottery  

beautiful blue walls in the Gallery - oh and some nice artworks!  

very fascinating sculpture by Patricia Piccinini  

how beautiful is this cake?  

a rare sighting of the Pickings clan outside Burch & Purchese 

I don't need to say anything here really  

edible wall at Burch & Purchese  

chocolate shop in Daylesford  - Sweet Decadence at Locantro  

Mr Pickings having high tea at Cafe de Beaumarchais - ok I was there too:)   

one of the Art Series hotels in Bendigo; fab place but rooms weren't big enough to swing a cat!

selfie in our tiny hotel room; Oscar Wilde quote on the pillow  

church outside our hotel in St Kilda - so pretty and so quiet 

Arthur Boyd fridge at Bendigo Regional Gallery

famous cafe in the Dandenongs; go for the atmosphere rather than the food I'm afraid  

who can resist Puffing Billy?  

Looking at these photos, I am getting itchy feet!  Mmm I think Christmas is sounding like a great time to visit again.


  1. I've been salivating over the dessert and high tea.

  2. Ah yes, you've got to love Melbourne for all that it has to share. Um.... maybe not the weather. Lol.

    1. It was so hot down there. I was hoping for cooler weather. :)

  3. Wow don't you and Mr P look glam:) Lovely pics and thanks for sharing - Sherry.

    1. thanks rachel. it was a lovely wedding; the bride and groom changed 4 times!

  4. Purple really is a challenging colour for most people. Your nephew managed the theme very well. Yes, the Melbourne food scene is the best in Oz. I do love the look of those gorgeous meringues xx

    1. hi Charlie
      it was a gorgeous wedding and everyone dressed accordingly. the cakes at B & P are divine!

  5. Oh this post makes me homesick for Melbourne. It's where I lived for the first year I was in Australia. Did you sit with your legs out the window on the Puffing Billy?

    I was shocked at the naked family at the Melbourne Museum. You wouldn't see that in ANY American museum. Nosireee. :)

    1. Didn't go on Puffa this time. Just did some train spotting. It was a weird mutant naked family in the gallery kinda scary!


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