Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Rose & Edward Espresso - Review

It has been busy times chez Pickings, so I am only just catching up with friends and chores this week.  Oops, no - friends don't equal chores:=)  You know what I mean, folks.  So, Miss ID. and I trundled down to the corner café only to find it closed.  New plan?  Café a wee bit further down the road that we hadn't been to before. 

can't miss it can you? 

Rose and Edward has been there for a while, so it was well and truly time to suss it out. It is surprisingly large inside, a bit Tardis-like.  There is an undercover area plus a small courtyard out the back.  It has been said before that mm mm I have rather a loud voice, so when we entered, heads turned.  The charming lady staff member brought us water and menus tout suite, and even though it is counter service, she took our coffee orders at the same time.  

pretty $3.90

more pretty $3.90

The coffee is Elixir which is a roasting house close by (in fact, we can smell it from our house), and I think is one of the best coffee brands in town.  We both enjoyed our drinks, and Miss ID loved her pretty fern art.

'The Favourite" - $18

This is a fabulous dish of chunky parmesan hash cake, smoked salmon, asparagus, poached egg and house made hollandaise sauce. And it's gluten free if you're worried about that sort of thing.  This really hit the spot!  The asparagus was nice and crunchy (in a good way), the egg only a tiny bit overcooked (sorry guys) and everything fresh and filling.  The sauce was light and flavourful; always a plus when house made too.

another 'The Favourite" - kind of  - $21

Miss ID decided to customise her lunch, which the male staff member happily accommodated.  I asked him not to spit in her plate, and told him I would never bring her again.  Joking folks! just joking!, but it did take her a while to choose the other ingredients.  In the end, she had halloumi and mushrooms as well as salmon.  From the happy murmurs, I know she loved it.  Plus she told me so.  I ate 2 of the mushies (couldn't resist) and they were very delicious - meaty and buttery.

this is so me  

We would both happily go back again to try more of the dishes.  I love the sound of the Nutella and raspberry porridge, and the chicken breast wrap.  Oh and we spotted a well-known face down the back - Mr C. Newman (former Premier) himself, doing a bit of business.

yep here are the hours and address    

The Picking Verdict:  a relaxing place with great service and a congenial atmosphere.  Have a great coffee and a tasty meal here any day of the week.

110 Maygar St., Windsor Q.
Ph:  0432 536 772

my arty shot of the ceiling 

Rose and Edward Espresso Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


  1. There's nothing better than catching up with friends over good food. And it's definitely better than chores! :P

  2. I am drooling over your meals! Just love the sign as well. Mine is a medical condition for sure in the mornings ;)

  3. Food looks good Sherry. I always order haloumi on the side of everything!

    1. oh yes halloumi is the best. love that squeak between the teeth and the slippy slidyness of it.


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