Monday, 10 October 2016

Northern Rivers New South Wales - Our September Roadtrip

Well folks if you know one thing about me apart from loving food and cooking, you will know I adore the Northern Rivers region of NSW.  Mr P. and I head down there half a dozen times a year to visit friends, chill out amongst the gorgeous scenery, and eat local, delicious produce.

This year we tried out an Airbnb place in Bangalow, and headed to the Sample Food Festival.  Sadly no celebrity spotting this year unless you count Ben O'Donoghue, tv chef and Brisbane restaurateur.

how gorgeous are these leaves in the BnB garden?   

gotta love a Chinese Lantern   


take a look at this 

This sunflower is amazing.  It was the solar power for the Festival; engineered by Southern Cross University; a gorgeous looking and sustainable source of power.

Kombis seem to be all the rage again lately   

This is the Kombi that belongs to Tridosha, my fave salt providers. It's funny how all the old Kombis disappeared in the 80s and now suddenly they have all reappeared.  Where were they hiding for the last 30 years?

fabulous stiltwalker girls  

These girls were so fabulous!  How clever is that.  I can't even stand on a stepladder without getting vertigo, but these lovelies were way up high on their stilts.  I was very impressed.  And what about those dresses?

berry coulis and very pretty chocolates 

There are lots of great artisanal producers here, and lots of passionate growers, chefs and all-round artistic, creative people. Aren't those chocs so pretty?  From the Byron Bay Cacao company. Yep, worth a drive down my friends. 

looking out from Tweed Art Gallery to Mt. Warning  

The views from the Gallery are so calming and inspiring.  And we have a politician to thank for this incredible building on this former plot of (gorgeous) farmland.  Doug Anthony and his wife Margot donated the land and helped get the Gallery designed and built. Luckily it is only an hour and a half from Brisbane so we can head down often.

Lennox Head on the left, and a Bangalow sky on the right 

We saw so many whales heading up the coast that weekend, and beauteous clouds gleaming and waving their silken, fluffy tails at us.  Have I told you I am a certified cloudspotter?  Not an "into the straitjacket" type of gal, but a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society, member number 18,000 odd.  Yep guilty as charged - a real geek.

a panoramic view looking out to sea from the Hinterland   

beautiful Spring day

Mr P. and I have driven around much of the region, but this time we found something new: a small graveyard amongst the fields in Clunes.  I don't think anyone has been buried here for some years. The graves are split into very definite religious affiliations: never the twain shall meet, clearly.

The bright yellow building is a little hall in Coorabell; the yellow car is Mr P. driving away from the Gallery, and the boat (bottom left) is a dragon boat heading onto the Tweed River for a race. Seems to be a bit of theme here with all the yellows and blues.:=)  


this was a most delish and tasty spicy calamari at the Festival 

The queue for these was long, but worth the wait.  So tender, so tangy with the finger lime dressing.

the Bangalow Showgrounds

And for my final shot, here are the Showgrounds under a truly glowing sunny day with very beautiful blue skies.  The wind was blowing in the trees, music was playing, and altogether it was a magical day surrounded by local food and produce and happy eaters.


  1. What a great day out! And yes as someone with vertigo I don't know how they do it but they must have an amazing view (and very strong legs!).

    1. strong legs indeed. i hadn't thought of that just the height and the scary bits of being up there. they were gorgeous!

  2. You must know that region like the back of your hand. If you remember, can you remind me closer to the time next year that the festival is on? I keep missing it : )


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