Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Humpybong Espresso Bar AKA The Humpybong Distilling Company

I wonder how many people know the hidden secrets of Brisbane? There are lots of little laneways, and secret paths, and little known industrial areas often dating from the time of the Second World War.  These industrial areas are surprisingly becoming quite the thing lately. 

These areas have always been a bit grotty and downmarket, but suddenly they are abounding with trendy cafes and roasting houses; there are 2 just near us, including the ever popular Elixir Coffee. And we've recently discovered a fabulous café cum gin distillery just across the creek and around the corner.  

this cloudy arrow seemed to be pointing the way 

Several of our neighbours have sung its praises so this week we headed out to their Bistro night where you get a bottle of wine and a meal for 2 for $25.  Not a bad deal we thought even if we were slightly doubtful before going there.  But much to our relief and surprise, it was a winner.

Have you ever been to a café or restaurant where you felt like you had just stepped into a friend's house or backyard?  Well, that's what this felt like to us.  And it was luvverly. We got there about 6 pm, and already there were families and dogs and couples enjoying a drink and ready to hoe into chicken nachos - the meal of the night; this changes weekly btw.  There is only one choice - i.e. eat what you are given - and I say this in a completely happy way. How nice to be able to sit and eat what is on the menu without worrying about choosing the right dish.

delish chicken nachos

so tasty - the horizontal view 

You get one large plate of nachos with a bottle of wine for $25.00. It may look small here but in fact it was very filling.  And we both loved it.  I think the chicken was slightly smoked which gave a wonderful boost to the whole thing.  The guacamole was fresh and tasty; and the corn chips were really crisp and had a great flavour. There was no stinting on the sour cream either.  Mr P. really liked the cheese!  We would happily go back for another go at this one.

Mr P. had his usual ginger beer, though he thought it expensive at $8 a bottle.  Then he realised it was alcoholic.  Meanwhile, I was drinking the cleanskin white wine from Ballandean Estate, which was very drinkable indeed.  No complaints from me.  Red wine was of course also available. 

ginger beer $8

cleanskin white wine 

Hubby and I headed back again the next day to have a coffee, and check it out in the daytime.  The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful.  The owner remembered us from the night before as did the waiter.  They both greeted us and welcomed us back.  

drinks $5 and $5.50, and a mysterious baretta $5    

The young lady barista helped me decide what drink to have - a cold drip (Campos) coffee with extra cold water and a splash of milk.  Delish and refreshing.  Hubby had a vanilla milkshake with a splash of caramel.  We shared a cherry ripe baretta, which tasted like coconut ice.  It was sweet and fresh and coconutty though I have no idea what a baretta is (and nor does Google).

Once again, hubby and I both agreed it felt like we were at a friend's place having a drink and a bit of fun.  It is very casual, with plastic cutlery and no finery but that is really what makes it all so very relaxing and charming.  Plenty of parking, plenty of room for the kids to run around, no need to worry about messing anything up or not feeling hipster enough.  I think they will be seeing us again on Bistro night with our $25 in hand:=) 

Open for coffee till 4pm Monday to Saturday and to 2pm on Sunday.  Bistro night is Thursday, and I believe they also open till late on Friday and Saturday nights (this is not evident on their Facebook page but there is a sign inside the café).  Oh and don't forget to try their eponymous gin, and Australian craft beers on tap.


2/27 Windorah St.,
Stafford Q 4053

M: 0435 958 072


Humpybong Espresso Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


  1. Too bad, I am not living in Brisbane.

  2. Oh my god! I didn't know about this place at all and you know I'm obsessed with gin! I was curious when I saw your Insta post the other day. Thanks for the heads up Sherry.

    1. isn't it fun to think it is the only (legal) gin distillery in all these years:=)

  3. It's fab that they're activating these areas. Sydney has a little laneway dining but nowhere near as much as Melbourne.

    1. Yes brissie is really starting to use its laneways too. It's great!


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