Thursday 20 April 2017

Two Streets Over - Café Review

I love to see our old corner shops retained, rather than knocked down or turned into some modern monstrosity.  We are lucky in the inner suburbs of Brisbane to have lots of cute, old shops still strutting their stuff.  Mr P. the architect type loved the way they have restored this recently opened, local coffee shop.  So did I!  

cute courtyard perfect for some coffee time 

Mr P. had some time free for lunch so we headed down to grab a bite to eat.  Now don't let this scare you off but there is a highway just near the café.  Surprisingly it didn't worry us at all.  There is ample street parking, and it was quieter than we expected.  It can be a bit tricky to get to, but we took some back roads.  You can also come in off the main road heading out of town, and turn left into Swan Street.

looking up at the overpass

This is the view from the front of the café.  Quite an interesting sight as it is not a vantage point you would normally have.  Not too noisy either.    

yep they make toasties:=)

But no, we didn't opt for the gourmet toasties.  Mr P. loves a fritter so he chose the corn and zucchini fritter with black bean salsa. Excuse my rant, but all too often a so-called fritter is a flour-heavy pancake with a kernel of corn or veg. thrown in.  Very happily, these were not like that.  Perhaps a tiny bit heavier than you would hope for, but these were full of corn and zucchini.  The salsa was "interesting", though he would have liked more oomph.  You know, spicy and tangy and maybe a bit of chilli heat. 

corn and zuke fritters $16

"Not quite as good as Bill's at Bondi", he tells me but pretty damn fine.

potato rosti, mushrooms and poached eggs $16 

I enjoyed this dish.  I am a big fan of mushies, and there was a generous serve here. The rosti was golden and crunchy outside (both of them), and soft inside.  I would have liked my eggs a bit softer and more runny, but they were still tasty.  A generous and filling lunch for me.  And yes it was nice to have a bit of green stuff on the plate, to cut the richness of the dish.

ginger beer for Mr P. $4

Mr P. liked his Capi ginger beer.  Lots of gingery tang apparently. The Council bus came by just as I took the photo.  There's another option for you in how to get here :=) 

cappuccino for me $4 

My coffee was fine, though I often find cafés make it too weak for me.  Get a double shot, you twit, I hear you say.  I hear you, folks. 

bring your pooch too!

This place is pooch-friendly; see the dog bowl and hitching post above.  Enjoy all-day breakfasts, cool drinks, tea, coffee and sweets.  They care about your gluten and dairy intolerances (unlike me ha ha!).  And open up early - 6 am weekdays, 6:30 am on weekends for your coffee and brekkie demands.  

3 Swan St., Gordon Park 4031
Ph: 0429 612 541
Open every day till 1pm

Two Streets Over Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


  1. Agree re the fritters-the best ones are bursting with corn and veges!

    1. nothing worse than getting a thick heavy pancake when you have been promised a fritter:=)

  2. Looks like a cool place to have brekkie Sherry. I meet a friend in that area regularly so will check it out.

    1. Yep a nice place to have coffee ☕️ with a mate.

  3. Those fritters are what I'd want - and the mushrooms, and rosti and coffee and the ginger Capi sounds good too. LOL I've been dieting too long.

    1. I do love a good rosti and these were pretty good.


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