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Miss Kay's Burger Bar - Review

Regular readers may be aware that I'm not too keen on the burger craze sweeping the nation.  Frankly I'm over it, but it seems the restaurant world and eating populace is not yet with me.  (Hurry up guys.)  So in the spirit of research, hubby and I headed out to Miss Kay's to try their versions.  And we were fairly pleased with the result.

One of my biggest bug-bears is the amount of sugar that goes in burger buns, and even in the batter for onion rings and chips.  What's with that?!  Thank goodness Miss Kay's doesn't go down that path.  Yay, proper buns with real lettuce (no weeds) and tomato.  Crazy old-fashioned drinks like spiders and milkshakes.  Yum. 

looking up outside Miss Kay's 

Miss Kay's is in a busy shopping precinct in Mitchelton, surrounded by lots of shops and cafés, with a train station running down the bottom of it.  Kinda cute watching the trains speed by, as you eat your burger and slurp on your shake.

creaming soda spider $5

I started with a creaming soda spider.  Ah, how it brought back childhood memories of mum giving us a spider made with Fanta or Coke.  This was fun and nostalgic, and amazingly delicious.  It was creamy down the bottom, and  (Though when I was a child, it was called creamy soda and was a charming shade of brown.)

The Millie Vanilli $8.50

Mr P. loves his milkshakes; this one was vanilla with 100s and 1000s on top, lots of whipped cream, and a cherry.  Not sure what happened to the white choc shavings on the menu?  Mr P's opinion: "just okay."  He is very fussy about milkshakes it has to be said, but he wasn't wowed by this one.  Maybe a wee bit over-priced?

Get Clucked $12.50

I had a grilled chicken burger, called Get Clucked.  The bun was fresh (and not sweet); the chicken came with pineapple, guacamole, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo.  Possibly the guac. didn't make it to my burger, but I enjoyed this one.  I even felt slightly virtuous after eating it.  No greasy, lingering sweetness, just fresh ingredients.  

onion rings $5.50

I can't resist an onion ring, especially when they are this delicious.  I'm sorry to say (nuh, not really) that hubby only got one.  The spicy seasoning added fillip to the rings.  Yep I devoured them all gleefully.  Well, Mr P. did have his own fries, of which I only had 2.  The only problem was the greasy batter.  But that was pretty much forgivable 'cos they were so tasty.

Austin Flowers $12.50

Mr P. who often goes vego when out, chose this spicy tempura cauliflower burger.  He really enjoyed it, though once again the batter was a bit oily for his taste.  He loved the quirkiness of this one, with lettuce, tomato, tomato chilli and sour cream added to the mix.  He loved the generous amount of cauliflower, and the spicy batter.  And he always likes relish or sauce so the chilli relish (?) went down well.   

delish fries with Miss Kay"s seasoning $4

The fries were great.  Lots of seasoning, crunchy outside and soft inside.  Mr P. and I commented on the fact that everything was well-seasoned, the ingredients were "real", and we didn't feel weighed down after we had eaten.  The atmosphere is casual, in-and-out quickly, no frills, but that's fine if the goal is a quick lunch - which it was! 

Sadly they have the same hard metal chairs that have sprouted everywhere lately - heavy and not comfy.  And the music was a bit loud for us, but we sat outside so all was fine.  Service was perfunctory with the usual 'order at the counter and grab your own cutlery' scenario.  Our waiter looked like Forrest Gump on a bad day when he was running through America for 2 years:=) - as Mr P. so amusingly suggested.

Oh, and they're licensed; the bar counter is separated from the food counter for some reason so that entails another wait to order your drinks, if you're getting into the hard stuff.  But hey that's okay.

Pickings' Verdict: a well-priced place to have a quick, casual lunch.

P.S. There is another branch in the CBD, and a Little Miss in Woolloongabba for takeaways.

love the bookshelves inside the café

40 Blackwood Street, Mitchelton 4053
Ph: 07 3855 2516

Miss Kay's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


  1. Looks like quite a lot of food!

    I love the names of the drinks, which seem to be standard for you, but they sound fanciful and original to me. I think your "spider" is our ice-cream soda. Maybe.
    I remember a red fizzy drink called cream soda from my childhood but haven't seen it in ages, and never saw the name creaming soda.

    best... mae at

    1. Hi Mae
      Thanks for dropping by. Yes spiders and milkshakes bring back the memories. I just wish we could still buy old fashioned creamy soda.

  2. My mouth was really watering with all those close up shots Sherry! Onion rings yay! A shame about the batter but the seasoning sounds like it made up for it.

    1. Yes they were tasty but a bit too oily. Such a shame really.

  3. I've only been to the Woolloongabba one a few times which is tiny compared to Michelton. I don't mind their cheeseburgers, good for what it is. I'm hearing you with the burger joints.

    1. Oh yes i am so over burger joints Jem! I guess they don't need proper chefs to make burgers so it's cheap for the restaurateurs. At least these weren't sweet. what the hell is with that? sugar in the batter - eek!


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