Wednesday 24 January 2018

Sushi & Nori King Street - Review

I confess - I am a sushi addict and I have no shame.  Mr P. and I have been indulging for many years, and there looks to be no cessation of our wild obsession/addiction.  So when we heard there was a fairly new eating precinct nearby with a new sushi place, we were in like Flynn, as the old saying goes.  

The old Exhibition grounds have been taken over by restaurants, hotels and apartments.  It makes sense to have multiple use of this space that used to sit unused for 11 months of the year, but I did like the untouched aspect of it before.  Anyway, we now have a new(ish) place to indulge our fetish for rice and raw fish.

look out for the fishy sign

So yes this is a sushi train, and yes most plates are $4.50 each with premium plates being $8.  Mr P. is not a fan of the narrow, wooden seating, though I don't have any problems with it.  There are a few booths but once again the seating is all hard, wooden furniture.  We have now eaten here 3 times over the last couple of months.  The staff are not effusive or terribly pro-active, (and our waitress had trouble understanding our English) but get the job done eventually.

black rice with tuna and avocado 

You don't often see black rice, so I was happy to try this one.  The rice was a great colour, and had a nutty taste with a bit of texture.  Both Mr P. and I were fans.

prawn lollipops with spicy sauce $8

Prawns with a crunchy coating and a tangy sriracha mayo sauce.  Looks like panko breadcrumbs which are always extra crunchy.  I enjoyed these fishy morsels.   

Tiger roll (chicken)

For some reason, this is called a Tiger roll.  Well I guess everything tastes like chicken, doesn't it?:=)   Even tigers.  Not bad.  Pretty much your everyday maki roll.

Dynamite roll

More maki.  Avocado and imitation crab meat I think.  I love Kewpie mayo but sometimes you can have too much.  

chicken gyoza

What can I say?  You know what these are like.  A dumpling is a dumpling is a dumpling.  And I loved them.

cute little jars of pickled ginger 

Good to see this is not the pink stuff which has been dyed.  This was quite tangy and thank heavens, not sweet.  And I adore the pretty little jars.

tuna cheese rolls

Slightly odd and a bit different, but I liked it.  I mean what's not to like about tuna with melty cheese all over it?

veg spring rolls

Crunchy on the outside, vegetable-y on the inside.  Mr P. loves spring rolls, so he had to have these.  He said to tell you they were good.  Oh, and he said he thought kids especially would love them on the sticks.  He could have lived without them, though :=)  Not really a stick kind of guy.

brown rice with tuna and avo

These were just fine.  I liked the brown rice, which gives it a point of difference.  And you can tell yourself it is sooo healthy (teehee.)

teriyaki chicken

I would have liked a bit more flavour here.  The sauce just didn't have enough pizazz.  It was adequate but not exciting.  (Mr P. agrees with me here.)

some kind of fish? 

Oops, I forget what this was.  Looks like fish of course.  Oh well, you get the picture.  Rice and fish and mayo most likely :=)  And nothing wrong with that either, she says munching happily. 

grilled scallops

These were delicious; plump and lightly grilled with great texture; not overcooked.  They were a teeny bit smothered in the sauce though.

tempura veg. or is it soft shell crab?

Tempura veg.?  Not entirely sure.  Looks a bit like the tempura soft shell crab I saw spinning round the train.  Mr P. thinks it is the soft shell crab.  Once again, crunchy outside, perhaps a bit nondescript inside - okay if not outstanding.  But hey, anything deep fried can't be bad :=)

and yes it's licensed

A glass of Sauv Blanc to keep me happy.

I LOVE these tiles

Okay, so this is another sushi train, but it has some interesting and different choices.  (Mr P. has me tell you that he thinks the quality is above average, and everything is fresh and innovative.)  I like that the regular plates are all the same price, which seems to be the current fashion ATM.  I love the decor - those tiles! - and the bright, light atmosphere.  They have a takeaway bar at the front also; handy for nearby workers.  You can have a quick bite or linger in a booth, as half a dozen young things were doing the other day.  Melty cheese anyone?

Ph: 07 3252 9511

Cnr of King and Machinery Sts.
Bowen Hills Q 4006

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  1. That looks lovely! So many different choices.

    best... mae at

    1. Hi Mae
      Are you a sushi 🍣 fan? Anything Japanese is very popular atm. I just never get tired of sushi:). Cheers S.

  2. I'm a huuuge sushi fan too! I can never get enough of it!

  3. Hi Sherry, I'd love to try sushi, but there is no sushi on the island and the stuff they sell in the supermarkets I steer clear of as sometimes the milk isn't stored correctly. Interesting to know that tiger tastes just like chicken, that probably works in their favour. There's not one thing I would turn my nose up in your review... Maybe the wine.


    1. not a fan of sauv blanc Deb?:=) it works well in our hot humid climate. Once a sushi fan, always a sushi fan. it's pretty addictive. cheers S

  4. Really good place this one. Like Mrs P, i liked it too. I especially like the labels on the train prior to each set of plates - the mystery is solved! The variety and innovation i liked too.

    1. I forgot to mention the little signs telling you what each dish is. Very handy :). Thanks mr P.

  5. Looks like it's worth checking out Sherry. I like how they have brown rice options. I was at that Precinct the other day with OZHarvest to discuss the restaurants food waste prevention strategies.

    1. yep Jem i like the brown and the black rice options. That's great that they were discussing food waste prevention with you. cheers S x

  6. This looked like quite a lovely sushi train lunch, Sherry. I too love Kewpie mayo...I dont know if you can have too much. It really is delicious. That reminds me - I ran out of my bottle of Kewpie mayo at home and need to restock :) The tuna cheese dish sounds very creative and from your photo, it looks good too.

    Haven't had sushi train in a long time here in Melbourne, Australia. One reason is that I do find them pricey per plate. Don't get me wrong. I love my sushi and eat it every week, and it's my go-to food at the food court when I'm on my lunch break. Delicious :)

    1. Yep I just can’t stop eating it. There used to be a sushi train here in Brisbane that had extra mayo like the sachets of wasabi so you could add your own. What is it about the kewpie?:)

  7. I love those tiles! Perfect fit for a sushi restaurant. Hubby and the kids are huge sushi fans, but I find it adds up quickly when we go to the train restaurants. Our favourite at the moment is Sushi Edo (they have a few locations but we usually go to the Sunnybank one). The touch screen ordering combined with the train is fun, and I think most plates (except premium ones) are $3.80.

    I wonder how long we will keep seeing avocado on sushi menus?

    1. hi lisa
      yes i know what you mean about the avos. they are sooooo expensive right now. i went to sushi edo for the first time recently. amazingly cheap for what it is. cheers S

  8. While I'm not a sushi fan my husband is. From your photos and review, if we were nearby, it would be a place we could both find something to eat. I'm with you about the tiles, I love them.

    1. Hi Karen
      Yes those tiles are just gorgeous. And the food 🥘 is good too:). Cheers S


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