Thursday, 15 February 2018

Freja's Café - Review

Freja is an Old Norse name meaning 'lady'.  She was the goddess of love, beauty and fertility.  Apparently a blonde, blue-eyed beauty, just like the charming front of house/owner at the new, local (for us) café Freja's.  I've now eaten here 3 times, twice for lunch and again for coffee with Mr P.  Each time we have had a friendly, efficient and delicious experience.

looking in from the outside dining area  

Formerly an Indian restaurant, this is now a clean, white space with pale wood accents (which I find very appealing).  And here at Freja's you don't end up with the usual 'same old, same old' that you get at many other eateries.  The food is innovative, fresh and pretty too.  Even bog standards like croissants may have a quirky twist to them - e.g. accompanied by pulled beef cheek.

matcha pancakes $17.50

Mr P. loooves pancakes, and these were a hit.  The matcha flavouring wasn't strong, which pleased him.  "Not too moist, or too dry; just beautifully fluffy."  Quote, unquote:=).  Berries, blueberry coulis and a white chocolate 'lump' (his words) came with it.  Yep he hoovered these up very happily.  (Looks like a creamy, mousse-y 'lump' to me.)  

mushroom, rosti, egg, and asparagus  $17.90 

Here we have my lunch, in all its tasty glory.  The asparagus was fresh with a bit of texture, the egg soft, the rosti a nice crunchy outside and soft inside.  Not fond of the sprouty things, but hey that's just me.  The wild rice crumble gave the whole softly textured dish a pleasant bit of crunch.  Oh, and there's a field mushroom in there too, but you know what a mushroom tastes like already.  

iced mocha $5

I had the iced mocha; sorry but it didn't thrill me. It was okay, but I like 'em longer and colder and stronger:=)

lychee apple and orange juice $6.90

Mr P. chose a freshly squeezed juice of lychee, apple and orange.  He loved it, and said it had heaps of lychee flavour.

chips with lime aioli $7

Okay yes you found us out.  We had chips too!  Nice and squishy with a crispy coat.  And you can't go wrong with aioli at any time.

the specials board

On a recent weekend, I went off with our mate Princess Pia to check out possible new abodes for her.  After inspecting a few places, we sought refreshment at Freja's.  I was enticed by the specials, and chose the bacon waffle with buttermilk chicken.  And my stomach was very happy that I did.      

bacon waffles, buttermilk chicken and chipotle aioli $19.00  

The waffles were a bit too hard and crispy for me, but Princess Pia loved them (and took home the half that I didn't eat).  I loved that the bacon was in the waffle batter.  The chicken was to die for, tender and juicy and fried.  Who could resist such tasty morsels?  You're right, not me.  I adore maple syrup, and I loved the wee jug of it on the plate.  Sprouts not so much :=(  Oh, and there were a few lovely bits of onion too.  It may not look like a huge plateful, but it was an elegant sufficiency for this gal's belly. 

fig and almond tart $6

Here we have Princess Pia showing off her tart, which she ate with gusto.  I had a wee bite, and yes it was a moist and flavoursome number.

cappuccino $4.50

Actually that may be Princess Pia's flat white.  Ah well, you get the picture.  A nice crema and a pretty little swan (?) on top.

delicious croissants

I had one of these stuffed croissants another day with my coffee.  So deliciously soft and flaky, and a delight to eat.  The dough is from France; coffee roasted locally at Seven Miles, and the organic teas are by Mayde, which is based in Byron Bay.

Freja and moi

Freja's is a cool, calm space, with mostly outdoor dining.  The staff are friendly and accommodating, and the food is just that little bit different in a delicious way.  Worth stopping by for coffee, cake or something more substantial.  

Ph: 0458 159 945
3/1 MacGregor St., Wilston 4051

Freja's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


  1. Every one of you photos has a scrumptious look. Too bad I'm thousands of miles away.

    best... mae at

  2. The food looks good! Haha I did subconsciously wonder if there would be some chips somewhere in this post :D

    1. Ooh I just can’t resist chips and aioli Lorraine. :)

  3. As I was reading this post I thought, yes, that’s what I’d get too! Then I scrolled down more and wanted the next dish instead! Everything looks so good. I’ll have to keep Freja’s in mind next time I’m on that side of town... yum! :)

    1. Hi Lisa
      Yes it’s a nice spot for a coffee and a relax.

  4. Now, that's a lot of delicious looking fare!

    1. It was! But over 3 different occasions:). So we weren’t little piggies 🐷

  5. I'll check this one out for brekky Sherry. I need to try a new place that side of town where I often meet one of my friends.

  6. LOVED the layout and decor! The plant life in the first photo is neat, too!

    1. Yes it's a nice place to sit - and eat:) cheers S

  7. Oh gosh that food looks lovely - everyone says I must be in heaven with all that Thai food but I really miss the flair of Aussie cafes and a decent coffee for sure. Take those croissants, nice twist, they look really interesting!
    Wren x

    1. Hi wren
      Yes I like Thai food but only about once a month:).


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