Thursday, 15 March 2018

What I Did Last Summer, or Our Tassie Trip

Mr P. and I had been talking about heading down to Tasmania for ages.  This Year of the Dog started off with a bang, events both good and bad.  Truth to tell, we were feeling a bit battered, bemused and besmirched.  "Let's go to Tassie now!" I said, so we did.  

So here is a wee photo essay as they say, about our trip to Tassie:

what is this, you may well ask?

Yep, you guessed it!  This is a giant, inflatable raspberry.  What do you mean you didn't guess?  Looks kinda obscene to me.  This is sitting in the grounds of the Westerway Raspberry Farm, doing its knobbly, warty thing.  

a hops farm

Tasmania grows a lot of hops, as you can see.  And brews a lot of beer.  This is a farm near New Norfolk, hops heading off into the distance.  They also grow a lot of opium poppies, which have tiny wee fences around the crops.  Not sure why people don't jump over and grab them - maybe they do?  

the apartment in which we stayed

See those windows on the top right?  That's where we stayed.  It was a huge space with views over the water and back to the mountain.  Just glorious.  The building itself was constructed in 1826.  Thank goodness, the facilities are up to date :=) 

a beautiful peach tart

Well, since this is (mostly) a food blog, I thought I'd better stick in some food photos.  Here we have a most delicious little peach tart from Jackman and McRoss, wonderful bakers in Battery Point, Hobart.  There is something about pastries and breads made in a cool climate that is just so very delicious.

some Hobart street art in Salamanca Square

Regular readers will know I am a huge fan of public art, be it sculpture or murals aka graffiti :=)  This is a fabulous bronze dog taking a photo of a Marilyn Monroe-esque lady rabbit.  Mm, interesting but odd, a bit like your regular Taswegian.  Just joking, Tassie friends.  This bronze artwork is by husband and wife team Gillie and Marc.  The figures are known as Dogman and Rabbitgirl, and feature in other works by this arty duo.

on top of Mt. Wellington looking out to the Derwent River

Mr P. and I always drive up the mountain when we are in Hobart.  How can you not?  It is always several degrees cooler, and even in summer, you can find snow up there at times.  It is so very high, and a bit scary for a person who doesn't like heights. (Yes, me).

fabulous mousse cake 

Our Tassie friends suggested we get ourselves to Daci and Daci Bakers to try some of their delicious cakes, so we did.  After wandering through the Saturday morning Salamanca market, we meandered along and sat down to some coffee and cake.  It felt like being in a trendy Melbourne café; not a bad thing.

courtyard of Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery 

We then trotted off to the Art Gallery for a look-see.  The Gallery has had some restoration work done recently, so you now enter through this courtyard.  Inside, the ceiling space has been opened up, so you can see right to the top of the building.

(stuffed) birds swooping over head 

church at Richmond

There is so much history visible in Tasmania.  Historical buildings standing from colonial times are plentiful, like this decorative old church.  If you are a fan of architecture and/or history, Tasmania holds many delights.

ferns and falls

We headed to Mt. Field National Park with some friends who live in Hobart.  And took a gentle walk up (or is that down?) to Russell Falls.  A lovely and peaceful spot.  I do love a temperate rainforest.

Mr P. looking contemplative

Hubby standing in front of the new-ish MACq 01 hotel on Hunter Street.  This hotel is right on the waterfront, next to the cruise ships.  Built on the old Hunter Island, the bushrangers who were hanged here still lurk in the depths beneath the hotel.  Our hotel is very close to this one, but not quite as pricey.  Maybe next time.

who are these odd people?

Yep, that's me and Mr P., looking strangely distorted at the front of MONA - Museum of Old and New Art.  The entrance is a huge mirror as you can see.  In we went, to be confronted and amused and maybe even a bit shocked by the exhibits (and the huge entrance fee of $28 each!).  This was our third time and probably our last.  I think Mr. Walsh may have gone a step too far for the Pickings' folk.

Well that was a quick look into our Tassie break.  Always delightful, always leaves us wanting more.  Mm, maybe another visit coming up soon?


  1. I hope it wasn't bad news at the beginning of the year Sherry! A lovely look at your trip to Tassie. :D

    1. hi lorraine
      it was in fact very bad news with family members very ill. hopefully things will improve. cheers S x

  2. Hi Sherry, We went to Westerway Raspberry Farm but we didn’t see the inflatable raspberry ☹️ Damn it! Next time, maybe.

    1. It was so funny as was the super large raspberry on a pole next to it! Cheers S x

  3. I'll probably never get to Tasmania so I enjoyed following along on your little adventure. So sorry to hear of your family's health issues.

    1. Thanks Karen. That’s very sweet of you. Cheers S x

  4. I just love Tassie-my fav place in Oz. Pretty hard not to have a good time. Jackman and McRoss is the bomb! Glad you got away Sherry.

    1. isn't it the best place Jem? so soothing to the soul. can't wait to go again..

  5. Hi Sherry, Tasmania looks like a lovely getaway place. And what better way to refuel after a day of sightseeing than with a cake or two?... And not one photo of a Tasmanian devil!


    1. It’s a marvellous place Debbie. Nope no tassie Devils this time:). Cheers S


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