Monday, 25 June 2018

Todd And Pup - Review

Todd and pup?  Sounds like a foxy kind of place.  You know: tod = male fox.  With a baby fox on the side:=)  Okay, stop sniggering now.  Intrepid hubby and I ventured out on a beautiful autumn day recently to have lunch on the ‘other’ side of town. Todd & Pup is in a quiet residential area of Moorooka, which gives the cafe a serenely calm atmosphere. We sat out on the front deck area, with just enough sunshine to keep us warm. Service was prompt, friendly and efficient. The charming young lady took our orders with a smile, and brought our meals quickly.

friendly ladies who do a great job

Hubby chose the sweet potato and halloumi stack. He loved this dish. He said that though it didn’t look huge coming out, it was actually a substantial meal. It looked very pretty on the plate, too. The fried eggs had a sunny, runny yolk just the way he likes them; the pesto plus fresh basil leaves gave it a delicious zing, and the sweet potato and halloumi were generous pieces. His organic ginger beer was a winner too, if a little less gingery than he likes.

halloumi and sweet potato stack $18

I chose the G & T Benedict: gin cured salmon, with poached eggs, pickled cucumber with finger lime pearls, and hollandaise on rye. This was really tasty, with a combination of flavours that really popped. My slight quibble is that I found the salmon slices a bit too thick for my taste. The eggs were beautifully runny, and the hollandaise was luscious. My Peanut Butter and Choc freakshake was just that bit too big and oversweet for me, but I enjoyed the flavour combo. We shared a bowl of nicely salted chips with aioli. I found the aioli tangy, but a wee bit bitter. Mr P. said he didn’t, so clearly it depends on your palate. 

G & T Salmon Benedict $19

Look at those beautiful finger lime pearls!  They pop in your mouth.

chips with aioli $10

ginger beer $4

PB & Chocolate freakshake $8.50

A few weeks later, Mr P. and I met up with a friend here for lunch.  The Winter menu was currently in play.  We were pleasantly surprised when the waitress not only remembered us, she also remembered what we'd ordered.  Now that is a lovely way to start lunch.  I wasn't feeling all that well, so I kept away from freakshakes; instead I had an iced tea with rose and cardamom.  This really hit the spot, refreshing and not too heavy for my weak stomach.  Mr P. and Lady Shakespeare chose a milkshake each, strawberry of course for hubby.

strawberry milkshake $6

iced tea with rose and cardamom $6.50

caramel milkshake $6

Mr P. went for an Aussie burger this time; of course beetroot is involved.  This was a hefty number, with bacon, fried egg, lettuce, tomato, cheese, BBQ sauce and aioli on a brioche bun.  He loves lots of sauce and relish on his burgers so he was happy about this.  Sadly, he wasn't as impressed with this burger as he had been with his first visit's veggie stack.  He said it was fine, it had what you expected in an Aussie burger but it just didn't give him as much of a thrill.  

Aussie burger $19

the inside of hubby's burger

Lady S. went for the halloumi stack, which was in a new incarnation this time.  It looked very pretty on the plate with poached eggs and squares of halloumi on top.  But to be honest, we both thought it had looked prettier the first time round with the sweet potato on top, and eggs sunny side up.  There's just something about a stack:=)   

halloumi stack $18

I chose Breakfast Okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake with pulled pork belly, edamame (soy beans), bonito flakes, pickled red cabbage, spring onions and Japanese mayo.  Oh, and an egg or two.  This was a nice, light dish that went down well on my tender stomach.  Perhaps a wee bit too much of the bonito flakes?  I just couldn't finish it as my tum was starting to say: "Enough."  Nothing wrong with the meal itself.  I was impressed that our waitress noticed I hadn't eaten a lot, and asked if all was okay.  It was, but my tum wasn't :=)

Okonomiyaki $18

This café cum coffee shop cum restaurant offers tasty food with a difference.  Service is very good, and the atmosphere homey and welcoming.  I'm sure we will venture over that side of town again to try more dishes.

splendid day to sit out on the deck

I love that this café is dog-friendly with water bowls and doggy icecream available. There were a few children with parents when we were there, so it felt like a warm and family-friendly place to be. All up, we had a very pleasant lunch (both times), in a quietly sunny area, with delicious and generous food.  N.B. They also do Friday and Saturday night $10 burger specials.

Our (first) lunch was courtesy of the owner - thank you!, but opinions remain my own.  Second lunch was paid by Mr P. :=) 

Ph: 07 3892 6691

398 Tarragindi Rd.,
Moorooka 4105


  1. Mr P likes this place. Lovely quiet spot, and good food and service. I loved the stack, on the first visit . . .

  2. Yes it was great, wasn't it Mr P.?

  3. Sounds like you had really great service! The stack did look good. I love burgers with milk buns and other ones just don't really do it for me.

    1. Yep we had a good time and nice food both times.

    2. Lady S (I LOVE that moniker!) liked this place, too! The squeaky cheese was very nice indeed.

    3. Lady S (LOVE that moniker!) likes this place, too. The squeaky cheese was delicious.

    4. yep nothing nicer than a good squeak!

    5. who are you Lady S.? I fear you are not who you say you are:)

  4. The G&T Benedict looks delicious!

  5. You must have really liked it since you returned for a meal that you had to pay for yourself! I think the fad for "stacked" food is on the way out over here. It can be ok or overdone.

    best... mae at

    1. hi Mae
      yep i think stacks are not a huge thing here anymore but they're still around. generally i am not a fan.:) cheers sherry

  6. That is excellent that the waitress remembred you - I would go back just for that :)

  7. Really nice review! Love all the detail, and how you explained the hows and whys of what you did/didn't like. Great pictures, too. Really nice -- thanks.


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