Sunday 26 August 2018

Chocolate Discs

Speaking of discs, hubby and I went into the library the other day.  He picked out a dvd, went up to the counter and asked how he could borrow 'the video.'  The librarian looked askance, clearly thinking what an old dodderer we have here.  I just pretended I didn't know him :=)

And speaking of chocolate, here we have a slightly mad recipe (well, not really a recipe but an idea) which mixes sweet and savoury in one delicious bite.  It's kinda trendy these days to mix odd flavours together, and to blur the line between sweet and savoury.  I know my cousin definitely thinks vegetables do not belong in the ice cream churner.  Fennel ice cream anyone?:=)

looking rather delicious, if I do say so myself:=) 

Recipe by Sherry's Pickings:


60-70g. of salt and vinegar crisps/chips

200g. dark chocolate - I used (mostly) 70% cocoa

4 tbs (80 mLs) of thickened cream (that's 5 tbs + 1 tsp for American readers)

a large handful (2 tbs?) of bling to scatter over - I used chocolate crispies, but use whatever you fancy. Something with a bit of texture is best


Zap the crisps/chips in a small food processor, or put into a plastic bag and bang like crazy with a rolling pin to get crumbs

Line a baking tray with baking paper, and spread about 2/3 of the crumbs evenly over the paper

Melt the chocolate and cream together in the microwave for a couple of minutes till it just starts to look melted (don't worry, once you stir it, it should all be melted) - be sure you pause it, and stir every 30 seconds or so

Cool it for 2-3 minutes (the chocolate, not you, tho' feel free)

Grab a couple of dessertspoons and make little mounds/discs/balls on the crumby paper

Spoon the rest of the crumbs over the tops, and sprinkle the bling over each one

Place the tray in the fridge for about 30 minutes, then put the discs in an airtight container, and store in the fridge


Use milk or even white chocolate if you fancy

I made 9 discs, but you can make them smaller if you wish

Make sure you put the cream in with the chocolate when you melt it.  Don't foolishly (like I did) stir it in afterwards - it started to go a bit gloopy, so my discs ended up somewhat blob-like:=)  

An alternative way to make them, is to crush the crisps, put them all in a bowl and throw your choc discs/balls right into the bowl so you end up with balls of combined chips and chocolate

ingredients gathered

line the baking tray with the crushed crisps

throw on the bling, me hearties

blingy, sweet, salty, vinegary treats

Hubby turned to me with a sad look, and said "I probably won't like these".  But he gulped one down manfully, and said "Delicious!"

Our friend Princess Pia has just informed me that they have chocolate-covered chips in Japan (where she visited earlier this year).  This must have lain there in the back of my mind, till I came up with chip-covered chocolate. :=)

I am linking up with the monthly (though August is the final one, sadly) chocolate fest hosted by Choclette of the Tin and Thyme blog.  It has the fabulous name of We Should Cocoa!


cacao pod - artwork by sherry's pickings


  1. Yes, initially I thought these would be a bit odd, but Mrs P was right. Really good. Who would have thought that salty, vinegary chocolate could be so good?

  2. These look like a lot of fun and delicious as well. I love all of those flavours.Cooking should be fun a lot of the time, shouldn't it? Pauline

    1. hi pauline
      yep it was a bit of laugh and tasted good too. cheers S

  3. wow you are on trend - I saw that cadbury have chocolate with crisps in it in the supermarket just today - these look great - I tried choc chip cookies with crisps once but they were a bit greasy - though now you make me want to retry!

    1. really?! wow i didn't realise how trendy i am:) they are pretty darn tasty. thanks for dropping by johanna. cheers sherry

  4. Crunchy and chocolate are a great combination. Today's indulgence here: malted milk balls (I think you call them malteasers). We get big huge ones with a large chocolate shell. But the texture thing is like yours -- creamy and crunchy.

    best... mae at

    1. hi Mae
      our malteasers are pretty much just crunchy inside not creamy but they are super addictive. it really adds pizzazz when you have crunch and creamy. cheers S

    2. That's the thing about the big huge malt balls: they have a crunchy center AND an amazing creamy chocolate outside -- amazing because it's not sticky when your handle them, just creamy when you bite into it. (Can you tell that I love these crazy things?)

  5. What fun! I love these ingredients!!!

  6. I enjoy chocolate covered chips and I first tried them a few years ago in PEI in Canada and found them immensely moreish! :D

    1. there's something about chocolate and salt together ...

  7. I just cannot do crisps and chocolate - sorry! But I do like the bling :)

  8. I had a chocolate and gift basket store years ago. One of the most popular chocolates I used to sell was chocolate covered potato chips. Needless to say, I love your idea. :D

  9. Fennel ice cream actually sounds kind of interesting. As a starter, not as a dessert! Anyway, sweet and salt really works. Good stuff -- thanks.

    1. HI KR
      i've had black pepper ice cream and that was great but fennel? i just don't know...thanks for dropping in. cheers S

  10. Crisps and chocolate? Now there's a thing. Given all the weird combinations I've tried over the years, I don't know why I'm surprised. And now I absolutely need to try these. It's a fitting entry to your first and last #WeShouldCocoa, thank you. Glad you discovered it before it was too late!

    1. thanks choclette. such a pleasure to join in for this final #weshouldcocoa. sadly i didn't find it earlier. cheers sherry


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