Saturday, 6 April 2019

Salade Parisienne

Regular readers may have noticed that another cookbook snuck onto my bookshelves recently - Mirka & Georges, by Lesley Harding and Kendrah Morgan.  Mirka was an artist, who along with her husband Georges owned several cafés and a restaurant in Melbourne in the 1950s and 60s.  This book, subtitled A Culinary Affair, includes recipes found amongst her notebooks and papers, plus dishes noted in her personal cookbook collection.  Mirka being French, cooked French dishes so you will find bouillabaisse, omelette, coq au vin and similar recipes in this book.   

one of Mirka's artworks on the cover

This recipe was a first for me, folks.  I needed a chunk of beef for this dish, so I cooked a mini rump roast, something I've never done before.  And much to my surprise, it actually turned out just like it was supposed to - medium rare.  Well, to be fair I did just follow the instructions on the wrapping paper :-)  This is a salad composed of beef and potatoes, with a very robust dressing.  I briefly thought of subbing the beef with chicken, but I decided Mirka must have known what she was doing.  So beef it is!   

Serves 4:

Serve at room temperature or cold



450g. (1 lb) roast beef - I used a mini rump roast

12 baby potatoes (or 8 medium), boiled or steamed till tender

8-12 gherkins (depending on size), sliced on the diagonal

sea salt flakes - say 1 teaspoon?

freshly ground black pepper, maybe 10-12 grinds of the mill?

3-4 French shallots, finely chopped

1 cup parsley, finely chopped or snipped with scissors


4 tbs extra virgin olive oil

1 tbs grain or Dijon mustard

1 tbs white wine vinegar

1 tbs (baby) capers, rinsed well and chopped small(er) if liked


Slice up the roasted beef  as thick or thin as you prefer - I like it thin:-)

Cut up the spuds as you desire - I sliced mine about 1/2 cm. thick

Place the beef and potato slices in a salad bowl

Throw in the gherkins, shallots, seasoning and parsley

Mix the dressing ingredients in a small jug till well combined

Tip the dressing over the salad, and give it all a good stir

Serve with crusty bread if you want to make it even more of a meal

OR do as Mirka did - serve it on a platter, putting beef, potatoes and gherkins in a layer, then on goes salt and pepper, shallots, parsley and dressing over.  Continue layering till all the ingredients are used up 


Cook the beef to your taste; I like it medium-rare, though Mirka goes for rare.  I just followed the instructions on the meat wrapper as I didn't have a clue how to cook it!

Mr P. actually micro-waved the spuds with seasoning and a bit of olive oil (and/or butter).  This is his new party trick!

after seasoning, the cute little rump goes into the oven  

ingredients gathered, my little wizard friends :-) 

waiting for its dressing

dressing ingredients

turn into this:-)

ready for mixing

dressing mixed in, and salad ready to eat   

tangy dressing over a hearty salad

Mr P. and I are not big meat eaters, having been vegetarian for a decade in our youth, but this was a deliciously hearty and tangy salad.  I may not make it again, just 'cos all that meat, but let me hasten to tell you folks, it really is a pleasure to eat.  I do recommend giving it a go.

  portrait of Mirka by James McArdle
 (Wikimedia Commons) 
(This photo is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.)

gherkins artwork by Sherry's Pickings      


  1. Definitely a retro French-style entree! If you just used all the other ingredients it would be a good potato salad -- without the meat, in fact.

    best... mae at

    1. hi Mae
      you made me laugh:-) yes indeedy it would make a great potato salad. cheers S

  2. You often see chicken salad but not beef salad! I think I'd try this but perhaps not make it part of a regular rotation as I prefer vegetable based salads.

    1. yes i find beef a bit weird as a salad i have to say:-)

  3. Sherry, this looks so delicious! It's got the meat and potatoes but with so much flavor!

    1. thanks for dropping by kelly. it is very flavoursome...

  4. Alas as a veggo I say it does look rather meaty. But as a cook I say go for it. Others may eat. Lol. Your drawings are progressing well.

    1. THanks Ms Cinders re my drawings. i do like these gherkins- tee hee.

  5. This was a rather good beef salad, and better than was expected! Mrs P got the beef just perfectly tender, and the sauce was amazing. Hard being Mr P, and being experimented on.

  6. This was a rather good beef salad, and Mrs P got the beef rather tender. The sauce was amazing. It is hard being experimented on.

  7. Sounds really interesting, Sherry - what a great summer meal!

    1. It surprised us both david, being so tasty. A bit meaty for us non beef eaters but definitely a delicious salad 🥗. Thanks for dropping by

  8. I like my roast beef rare, too. Sounds like a neat salad -- very satisfying. Thanks!

  9. That beef looks perfectly cooked, Sherry! And all of the flavors going into this salad are perfect. This one definitely needs to make an appearance on my table soon!

    1. It’s really quite delicious david. Worth a go. Cheers Sn

  10. What a great salad! So unique. I love potatoes in salads as well. Great post, great cookbook. Thanks!


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