Monday, 14 October 2019

James Street Grocer - Review

Mr P. is a born and bred Queenslander, and hails from Toowoomba on the Darling Downs.  This fast-growing city sits at the top of the Great Dividing Range, and sadly (and weirdly too) was severely flooded in 2011.  But now they are steaming ahead with a new airport, and a new highway bypass, and an ever-growing population.  (According to Wiki, it's the second most populous inland city in Australia - who knew?)  This means new cafés to try out too!      

fresh organic veg for sale

We headed up the range last month for the annual Carnival of Flowers, (great, though smaller than usual due to the drought) and to meet up with an Insta friend (IRL).  She booked us a table at this fairly new and very popular grocer cum café.  It used to be a fish and chippery, and a butcher shop before that, but has now been renovated and decked out so that you feel you are in someone's home.  Very warm and welcoming.

love the lights

So the four of us - Madam S, moi, Mr P. and Mr PE. met up, all ready for a rejuvenating cuppa and a sweet treat.  I dove into a cappuccino, which was frothy and strong, just how I like it.  Madam S had a latte, while Mr P. enjoyed a hot and creamy chocolate, dusted with more chocolate powder.  Sorry Mr PE, what did you have?:-)  A long black maybe...  The coffee comes from Brisbane roastery Seven Miles - their Cat's Pyjamas blend. 

strong, frothy coffee  

hot chocolate

latte (I think) tee hee

banoffee pie for me

Okay long-term readers, you may remember my many protestations about the banana and how I do not like its fibrous, slimy being.  But here we have a banoffee pie which has slices of the beastie piled into its luscious creamy and caramel-y filling.  And I loved it!  What can I say?  I am a creature of strange and conflicting habits:-)  Great pastry, great filling, yum.

Mr P. went for quiche and salad

Just to be different, hubby chose the quiche Lorraine with crumbed and fried (but cold) cauliflower with a random almond.  He really liked this dish.  Great tender pastry, tasty filling and a few greens to keep it healthy.  

house-made apple pie

This was a huge hit with Mr PE.  He loved its homely rusticity; its tender, spicy apples and short, flaky pastry.  He said it was just like (better than?) home made.  

gluten-free delights

Madam S. requires gluten-free goodies, so here she has a moistly delicious brownie and maybe a shortbread?  These went down a treat with the Madam. 

just a few of their house-made goodies

The owners pride themselves on using fresh seasonal produce, and local, ethically sourced ingredients.  They provide "sensational" catering, breakfast and lunches, and take-home dinners.  I can only confirm that we were all happy with our afternoon tea, the homely atmosphere and friendly service.  Mr P. and I will definitely make a return visit next time we head up to trendy Toowoomba, the university and Cathedral city.  

(Meals paid for by us, the  Fantastic Four - tee hee.)

95 Mary Street,
East Toowoomba QLD.  
Ph: 07 4637 9985

Open 7 days a week 8am to 4pm


  1. Your visit looks wonderful, especially the delightful atmosphere of that café. I guess I'm a more dedicated banana hater than you are -- I wouldn't eat that! Glad you could enjoy it.

    best... mae at

    1. if the banana is well hidden, i can take it:) there was very little banana - see that little bit peeking out?

  2. That looks like a great cafe :-))mmm..those housemade goodies...I am drooling :-))

  3. Wow, looks so good, especially the coffe looks like a work of art!☺

  4. I love a good banoffee pie with banana and caramel, I was trained in England when we lived there :) We were only in Toowoomba a couple of weeks ago, wish I'd known about this cafe. Thanks for the info Sherry.

    1. righto pauline! yes you must try it next time you're there.

  5. Looks divinely delectable Sherry, yummo xxx

  6. It's beginning, Sherry...pretty soon you're going to be all in on the bananas! :-) That cafe looks awesome, and I'm glad you all had such a fun time. It's great to put down our phones and actually talk with friends IRL, right??

    1. nooooo david. aarrgghh bananas are not my friend:) but i can take them when smothered in caramel and cream. yep great to catch up IRL.

  7. That's a lovely looking display of food. Are you coming around to banana now Sherry? I know other people who don't like the texture too.

    1. not really lorraine. only when it's well hidden:)

  8. I think most of us have strange and conflicting habits (and tastes!) when it comes to food. :-) Fun read -- and it sounds like a fun time. Thanks!

  9. What a fun virtual visit! Thanks, Sherry!

  10. Sherry, looks like a wonderful grocer/café! I'd definitely get the banofee pie!


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