Friday, 2 May 2014

An Andy Warhol week

Remember Andy Warhol and his 15 minutes of fame quote?  It has been an exciting week here in Sherrys Pickings world.  (And one that was book-ended by Masterchef encounters.)  First up, I was an extra for our mate Mel's Vanilla Zulu Culinary School tv shoot, which will be coming up on The Great South East in a few weeks. (I think you may just see the back of my head).  It was a big day (oh my sore feet), and alot of fun seeing how a tv show is filmed.  And yes, the camera-man does actually yell out "Action!"  We got to meet Sofie Formica the charming host who is just as gorgeous in real-life as on the telly.  We made merry in Mel's kitchen, adding culinary bling to some great food, and of course getting to eat this delish repast!
Neil the fishmonger extraordinaire came in to prepare the freshest and most delicious seafood.  Mel was her usual fabulous self; an absolute tv natural.  Lovely to look at and a warm, engaging host, and it goes without saying, a talented chef.  (Did I get that bit right Mel?)  We met the delightful Emily who was assisting Mel with the prep. for the shoot.  Emily is one of this year's Masterchef contestants, so you will be able to see her in action next week. We had a really good time, and I advise you all not to miss out on one of Mel's classes if you get a chance to attend.
Mel and Neil having a fishy frolic and Emily fanning out her fish

camerman setting up, Emily and Mel having fun

Sofie and Mel getting their bling on, the boys peeling a prawn, my olive oil and balsamic glaze cat ready for dipping bread and some gorgeous food on the table

wow look at that shellfish!  there's me in the pink shirt lurking and Sofie and Mel doing their on-camera stuff

This fun event was followed by a wonderfully intoxicating (pun intended) night with May King of May King Tea  fame.  She is currently hosting tea ceremonies each Sunday at GOMA as part of the Cai Guo-Qiang exhibition (which happily has been bought for the gallery by a generous benefactor).  We enjoyed tea and cocktails with her, showcasing 5 different teas, and were served amazing food by Danielle Dixon, a former Masterchef contestant who now works for Bucci restaurant in the Valley.  This totally enjoyable and informative night was held at Scrumptious Reads which is a great little (cook)bookstore also in the Valley.  Cocktails were served in beautiful teacups (oh dear, all that washing up by hand).  My fave drink was the Journeyman's Dilemma- full of lovely rose and vanilla scents.  There was an amazing platter filled with edible soil made of dried olives, breadcrumbs and other mysteries.  We indulged in cute chicken sandwiches, and blow- torched salmon and desserts in tiny glass jars.  As Danielle said when asked how she got it into the jars, "Couldn't you hear me swearing?"  May King was her usual wonderfully warm and informative self, giving us insights into tea-making and the history of tea, and educating us into the world of real tea.

After these 2 events, I feel educated, entertained and exhausted!  It is always a pleasure to hear May King speak on her special topic so don't miss out if you get the chance!

beautiful tea cocktails in beautiful tea cups!

May King in fine form; lovely ladies enjoying their drinks and May King also indulging

edible soil, chicken sandwiches and lovely fruity cocktail.  Danielle the chef explaining her food concepts

May King, and delish dessert in a tiny jar


  1. I heard May King speak on tea at a Scrumptious Reads high tea (before Dilmah because I had never been to a high tea before!) She certainly knows her tea.

    The tv show sounds so much fun! Lucky you.

    1. Hello Maureen, thank you for your kind words. It was a pleasure working with you for the Dilmah High Tea Competition.

  2. it was fun maureen but a bit hard on the feet!

  3. Thanks for a wonderful writeup Sherry and looking forward to seeing the back of your head on the up and coming The Great South East ;)

  4. What a fun looking event. You all look like you're having fun :)


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