Friday, 16 May 2014

Poetry for a wet Friday

Just for a bit of a laugh, I looked up some of my old poems that I wrote years ago for a previous blog- sadly demised due to the webhost going out of business without warning!  It is a grey old day in usually sunny Brisbane so I am catching up on tidying up old files, emails etc.  And with my iphone having been murdered savagely last weekend when someone tried to change the battery, I am having to re-install heaps of stuff and try to remember passwords, and mourn the loss of photos never to be repeated and so on :(.
So here is a wee poem just for a laugh.

Fish and chips:

Fish and chips, baked beans and Spam
Spaghetti on toast, scones and jam
Soups and stews and shepherd’s pies
Hamburgers, Cokes and a large french fries

Sponges and custards and chocolate cake
These are the foods of which I partake
Pate and bread rolls and chilled white wine
A fitting repast for a stomach of mine

Now my belt will not tighten
So my plate I must lighten
It’s farewell to the porridge, fried eggs and ham
And it’s dry toast, skim milk and Weet Bix- oh damn!

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library image


  1. What a cute poem! And I'm sorry to hear about your phone mishap. Technology is great until something goes wrong :(

    1. Oh it has been the week from hell Lorraine trying to fix it all up! I have lost so much stuff!:((

  2. My iPhone died the same death. John said, "I can change your battery." My phone was murdered.

    Cute poem.

    1. Oh yes Maureen. It was a sad death. Thanks re poem. :)


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