Friday, 6 June 2014

Yoghurt 3 ways

I seem to be having a yoghurt-themed life lately.  I have recently invented a pudding made with a fruit yoghurt for a blogging competition, and last week I was busily thinking up yoghurt toppings for another competition!
You had to invent a topping for plain yoghurt; no cooking involved, just something scrummy to throw over the low-fat base. After a bit of deliberation, I invented one sweet topping and 2 savoury.  There were so many brilliant entries so competition was stiff!  Here's hoping that my ideas inspire the judges to give me that trip to NYC!

Firstly the sweet one:

We have here a Nutella kind of thing going on, which is always good.  Onto the plain, unadorned yoghurt I placed chopped hazelnuts, dark chocolate, some coffee granules and I carefully poured some Frangelico down the sides.  This was rather delish I must say.  I got a comment saying they liked the sound of the combo.  Sounds hopeful to me. :)  

Next I came up with ideas for a Moroccan chicken inspired dish:

Here we have yoghurt topped with chopped chicken, preserved lemon, currants, pistachios, ras-el-hanout and lemon oil. This was a real winner I reckon:)  Of course Mr Pickings and I had to eat all the lovelies I had made so by the end of the day we were very full!

And then we come to my last one, tuna and other bits:

Well there were a few changes along the way here; it ended up being tuna plus semi-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, basil leaves, salt and pepper, caramelized balsamic vinegar and lemon zest.  I started off with artichoke hearts but changed my mind after tasting it.  It really needed a bit more zing and crunch!

My fave was the Nutella-inspired one with the Moroccan chicken not far behind.  With any luck, I will be able to eat my toppings in New York, as part of the prize is to have your recipe on their menu.  That would be a wonderful thing!


  1. I love yoghurt with my granola, or topped with nuts. Never really tried it any other way :)

    1. Well it was an exciting and unusual exercise! Love yoghurt!

  2. I get into yogurt themes when I make a whole lot of it or we pick up big tubs of it. These are great ideas!

    1. i will have to try that coconut yoghurt you made Lorraine!:)

  3. I have finally added your blog to the I ♥ Brisbane Food Bloggers list. Sorry it took so long. Happy for you to use the badge, just copy from my sidebar.


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