Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Macadamia milk ice cream

Winter and ice cream- crazy talk you might say but lots of people like it any time of year.  (BTW I just found out that ice cream is 2 words!  Good old Google.)   And here's an interesting factoid for you:  Australia is second on the ice cream eating list for most consumed, followed by the Scandi countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark.  Not surprisingly, the USA is the biggest consumer.  And of course it is damn cold in those Scandi countries a lot of the time, as we know from all those Scandi noir crime novels, where the victim is found buried under a pile of snow or floating face up in the frozen lake.  Eek I am giving myself goosebumps!  And heaven knows it is cold enough in sunny Brisbane today even with the sun shining and the sky bright blue, and not a cloud in sight.
Well, to get on with the story, I made macadamia milk last week and had plenty lurking in my fridge.  I was wondering what to do with it and decided on ice cream as hubby is very fond of it.  So I checked out Nigella's no-churn ice cream, and using that recipe as a base, I concocted my own version with macadamias and chocolate.


225 mls thickened cream
150 mls macadamia milk
175g condensed milk
80g roasted and chopped macadamias
60g dark chocolate chopped into shards (or bashed up with a muddler)


Place the cream, the macadamia and condensed milks into a mixing bowl
Grab your electric beaters and start whizzing till it becomes softly whipped and nicely aerated
Add the nuts and chocolate- I bashed up both with my muddler as I find chopping them very tedious and it is a wonderful workout and tension-reliever to bash away at them
Place in the fridge overnight or for about 8 hours if you can't wait
Take it out about 20 minutes before you want to eat it as it freezes rather hard

I served this with chocolate and potato cake; Mr Pickings was very happy!  You could try other milks and nuts; the hazelnut milk I found last week at the health store for instance with roasted hazelnuts.  Maybe almond milk and roasted almonds could also be a goer.

kitchen smelt divine with nuts roasting

bashing up the chocolate and nuts=so much fun

those ice cream containers get a workout in my kitchen

(library image)


  1. This reminds me so much of Australia - I think I will have to make in a nostalgic moment! But I might just wait until the weather warms up!

    1. hi rachel
      have u lived in australia or are u an ex pat by any chance? i bet it is cold in NZ at the moment:)

  2. What a clever idea, Sherry. I love ice cream even in the winter.

  3. Yum Sherry! Ice cream at any time of the year is NOT crazy talk. I also like the way you've made it by keeping it simple. That's why I usually make semifreddo for the same reason. I'm old fashioned and don't own an ice cream maker...give me a pot and pan any day! By the way, it's nice to meet another Brisbane blogger. Looking forward to following your blog :)

    1. thanks Jem
      lovely to meet you too. i like to make semifreddo too. i make ice creams and sorbets without a machine also.
      see you around the cyber world!:)

  4. Oh yes I meant to say it is always fab to come across brissie bloggers Jem!


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