Monday, 5 January 2015

Christmas Cake Truffles

Christmas left overs?  You too?  Oh yeah - we have heaps, and I am doing my darndest (is that how you spell it?) to make good use of them before life goes back to normal next week when Mr Pickings goes back to work, Christmas leftovers are finally given the heave-ho and I get back to reality.  We were given a lovely Christmas cake by friends who are part of Rotary International - a wonderful organisation that helps provide humanitarian services to many communities.  Funds are raised through the sale of cakes and puddings each Christmas, and go towards local, national and international community projects.  We didn't get around to actually having this cake over the holiday break, so it was still sitting on the bench this morning asking to be opened. When I did, the aroma of rum and brandy was heady and blissful!   It has been truffle heaven lately chez Pickings, and my brain had another sort lurking in the depths using this moist cake.
So here is another way to use up any cake or pudding that you haven't quite got around to finishing, and hate to see go to waste.


250g. fruit cake or pudding
250g. cream cheese
50g. nuts- you choose- I used the already blitzed hazelnuts I had rolling around my pantry
100g. melted dark chocolate
Dutch cocoa for the truffle rolling!


Yes you know what to do here!
Chuck everything in the processor and blitz away till well-combined
Scoop the mixture into a bowl and place in the freezer for 15 minutes
Roll into walnut sized balls
Coat in the Dutch cocoa
Keep in an airtight container in the fridge

moist and lovely Christmas cake

I used left over chocs including these cute little Santas

ready for blitzing

looking good

into the freezer for 15 minutes

rolling rolling rolling-keep those truffles rolling

oh yum!

These are now sitting in the fridge (well, I did sneak one for a taste test) ready for coffee and guests.  Or just us!   Enjoy whatever is left of your break, or if back to work, take a deep breath and keep your head up. Christmas is only 360 days away:)


  1. Oh, yes, those Charity Xmas Cakes - I have a similar recipe using Lions Xmas Cakes - which I posted last Xmas and served at the Lions Xmas party - Lions partners were very keen to get the recipe! I like the cream cheese in your recipe, Sherry.

    1. hi rachel! it is such a beautiful cake- so moist and full of lovely flavours. It was almost a shame to have to blitz it up:) but i am glad i did as they taste pretty good.

  2. We still have so many puddings and cakes left over. Thank goodness they keep for a long time!! :D

    1. indeed lorraine. i noticed the Heston pudding we have which is still not opened has a use by date of Jan 2016! so we have plenty of time to serve it. i could even use it next xmas! :)

  3. I tossed out the Christmas puddings. Now I wish I hadn't. Don't these look delicious!!

  4. How lovely and what a great idea. Your truffles look amazing. How wonderful to be given a cake by special friends. We were only able to get through half of our Christmas cake before leaving for our holiday. It's all wrapped up and in the fridge awaiting our return. xx

    1. oh well now you know what to do with the cake charlie!:)

  5. Christmas cake I do love you so....and now that you are chocolaty truffles I love you more...

    1. thanks tania. they are pretty delish. but next time i will add even more chocolate.

  6. What a great idea! And I would not mind a few as a gift :)

    1. ah if only you lived closer Tandy:) and i couild send you a few... hope your xmas was great.


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