Thursday, 16 July 2015

Orange Ice Cream - Lody Pomaranczowe

I told you I was enjoying that lovely book by Beata Zatorska!  Here is another delicious recipe from Sugared Orange.  I know it seems crazy to make ice cream in the coldest week that Brisbane has had in years, but what the heck!  Live dangerously I say.  I grew up in country Victoria where it is damn cold for about 9 months of the year, and it never stopped us eating ice cream as kids.  And this ice cream is good for you, oh yes it is. Full of orange juice and zest; what could be healthier?  I did have a slight hiccup when I made this as what I thought was a small jar of sugared orange peel (just like the book title) in fact turned out to be a rather bitter powder with a slight orange tang.  I pushed through and adapted with what I had, and it tastes pretty darn orangey and delicious anyway.


4 oranges (3 of my 4 turned out to be blood oranges!)
200g. sifted pure icing sugar
6 drops orange oil or extract
pinch of sea salt
8 pieces of sugared orange peel (you can buy this in good delis)
600 mls thickened cream
1 tbs cacao nibs (optional)
1/4 tsp orange extract if desired, to boost the oranginess!


Zest the oranges and then juice them (I got about 300 mls of juice)
Place the zest and juice into a medium bowl and add the icing sugar
Stir very well till the sugar is dissolved
Add the orange extract and the salt and stir in
Finely dice the orange peel
Whisk the cream till thick and has firm peaks
Fold in the orange peel, plus the zest and juice
It will appear very wet so you will have to keep stirring the juice in till it has become well incorporated into the cream
Add the cacao nibs and the extra orange oil/extract if you feel the need for a stronger orangey taste
Fold these in well
Spoon/pour into a 2 litre container with a lid, or use 2 x 1L as I did
Freeze for at least 4 hours

So, I had no sugared orange peel!  Eek, what to do?  I grabbed 30g. dried cranberries, stirred in 2 tsp icing sugar, 1/4 tsp orange extract and 1 tsp of the ground orange peel from the (deceptive) jar:)  This went into the whipped cream in place of the peel.  So far, so good. It tasted really fine when I poured it into the containers, and here's hoping it tastes good when it is frozen!


juicing the (blood) oranges  

zest and juice ready to go!  

pouring in the juice 

stirring the juice into the sugar 

grabbing the whisk and giving it a good stir    

stirring my cranberry mixture 

whipping the cream till thick and with firm peaks   

cranberry mix and juice mixture going into the cream  

folding in the cacao nibs 

foldng the juice in very well indeed:)  

all ready for the freezer  

my ice cream container doodle:))


  1. Live dangerously, indeed! :-) I really need to get more into making more variety of food and snacks ... this looks yum. :-) #CommentLuv

    1. oh thank you:) yes it is great to try all sorts of different foods. and yep the ice cream is delish.

  2. I love ice cream when it's cold, not sure why but I do. Your orange ice cream sounds wonderful! Take care!

    1. it is nice cheri. we are freezing today cos an Antarctic vortex is sweeping up the east coast. damn cold!

  3. I love ice cream and it is summer here in California. I have an electric ice cream maker , do you think I can make the ice cream in it? I don't see why not.

    1. not sure Gerlinde. I don't have an ice cream machine so i don't know but you could give it a try. thanks for visiting.:)

  4. Oh, yes please - Sherry - love the flavours in this and oranges are so good at the moment.

    1. hi rachel
      i was so pleased to see i had blood oranges when i cut them up. so pretty. it is delish ice cream, she says modestly.

  5. Hehe I love your comment about living dangerously. I asked readers if they ate ice cream in the cold weather and a lot of them said yes. I am thinking you'll have a lot of takers for this! :D

    1. yes funny isn't it? it doesn't matter how cold it gets; we all still eat ice cream:)

  6. Looks and would taste delicious. I absolutely love those homemade ice cream containers Sherry. Where did you get them from?

    1. Hi Jem
      I bought them online from Lark store. They have such fab stuff!


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