Thursday, 30 July 2015

Too Zero Bar and Inn of Indulgence - Review

What an interesting name for a little gem of a bar/eatery hidden away in deepest Brisbane suburbia.  I think it is a tough call to place such a trendy little bar and restaurant in such a very staid suburban area.  I am hoping that the locals love it and that it does really well!  Mr P. and I went off to lunch mid-week, and we ended up here as I am always curious to see what the local 'burbs are turning up these days.   It is a great little space inside, and I love the solid, verging on grand front doors (and cute little dog at the entrance).

a sweet pooch! 

We sat ourselves down on the rather splendid tractor seats at the window, looking out onto the grey and rainy day.  Yes folks, it was raining on a winter's day in Queensland - not a usual thing at all.  To cheer myself up, I chose a glass of Jansz sparkling to drown my sniffly sorrows.

so that's where I left my specs!   Glass of Jansz $12   

ginger beer $4

As we were having guests to dinner that night, we didn't want to eat too much.  Especially as it was already 1:30 pm! And Mr P. had an appointment at 2:30, so we had to get our skates on.  I was torn between the fat duck pancakes and the garlic prawns, oh and the fish pie, but I decided to have squid salad.  Mr P. went for a chilli cheese dog. Mmm, mumble mumble and we had French smashed potatoes with 2 kinds of salt and blue cheese.  But that's all - honest!

seared squid w/- chorizo, salsa and aioli $19  

chilli cheese dog w/- chorizo, sauerkraut, Jack cheese and honey mustard $16
 (is that the dreaded kale I see before me?) 

French smashed potatoes w/-sea salt, rosemary salt and blue cheese $9  

This is going to sound a wee bit whiney but I found the potatoes and squid salad just too salty.  Lately Mr P. and I have been finding that chefs are going a bit mad with the salt!  Or are we just getting old?:)   And of course, sadly there is nothing you can do about an over-salted dish.  My salad was a teeny bit of a surprise.  I guess I was expecting a cold salad rather than a warm one, so I was just a tad unsettled when I tasted my meal.  Now this is where you will think I am being really picky, but the plate/bowl that held my salad was not quite right for a dish that had a fair bit of dressing in the bottom.  I ended up splashing it over myself, after having to lean right over to get the food anywhere near my mouth. But the flavours were there, and the quinoa? helped to fill out the salad leaves.  Mr P. told me he was satisfied with his chilli dog.  (Damning with faint praise?)  He found it okay but not superb (and neither of us are fans of kale in any form).

the back of the bar looking very colourful 

I love the pressed metal ceiling and the gorgeous lights  

You can see how interesting and sophisticated it is.  The interior is dark and cosy.  As Mr P. said, it would be perfect at night but perhaps not so welcoming in the daytime.  There were a number of people there for lunch even at 1:30pm, and from the Facebook page, you can see desperate wannabe customers asking for bookings.  The friendly waiter told us it had been open for about 6 weeks (no website for it yet).  I think it is a fabulous space, and the menu is interesting and different but needs either a bit of tweaking or a bit more care in its presentation to the lunchtime crowd.  We really need places like this in the suburbs, and I am glad to see this one here, though it seems more of a Valley or city venue.  I really hope that customers find this place, and find it a fab place to eat, drink and have fun.

rather beautiful tractor seat

All in all, we had a lunch with something different to the norm; some interesting flavours in a fascinating space.  Lots of potential here, and I think it would be fab at night when the dark interior would come into its own, and be warm and welcoming and perfect for a drink.

I told you the waiter was friendly, didn't I?:)  

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  1. Love those tractor seats:-) Sometimes places need a while to settle down I guess. I am surprised that you and Mr P don't eat kale!

  2. But Rachel kale is actual cow feed!! Farmers fed it to their cows till they realised gullible foodies would pay a packet for it!

  3. It really is an interesting space. love your pictures, writing. thanks for sharing.

  4. Sounds like you were a bit underwhelmed by it Sherry. I often find my food undersalted but agree there isn't much you can do if it is oversalted!

    1. Isn't it odd Lorraine how suddenly chefs are either over or under salting the food? And nothing you can do about it as no salt and pepper provided usually. :(

  5. I do love the tractor seats and I think the menu sounds like it has some interesting options. I'm sure I would have ordered the duck pancakes. It's a shame about the saltiness xx

    1. yes i wish i had tried the duck pancakes too!

  6. I agree with your comment about the over dressed salad Sherry, never a good outcome! Fit out looks cool though.

    1. you are right Jem. it looks great inside but i am not sure how well it well do in deepest suburbia.:)


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