Wednesday 16 September 2015

Mexican Independence Day - September 16 - And Spicy Hot Chocolate To Excite Your Senses

thick, luscious, and spicy Mexican hot chocolate    

Today is Mexican Independence Day, otherwise known as Grito de Dolores, the start of the war for independence against Spain.  Regular readers will know hubby and I have been to the border of USA and Mexico, which is a real eye-opener for innocent Aussie tourists.  Be wary of the gun-toting guards and the vehicle inspections!  And you may remember I have a great yearning to see The Blue House of Frida Kahlo, one of my favourite artists.  One day mis amigos, one day.

File:The Blue House 1.jpg
(image Wikimedia commons; author Peter Andersen)  

In honour of the day, I made a pot of Mexican hot chocolate for breakfast.  This is what happens when you only get 4 hours sleep!  (A la Mrs Thatcher).  The sunrise was divine anyway:=))
This recipe is a mish-mash from a heap of different ones on the Net, but mostly like this one from ciachowbambina. 


2 cups milk
125g. dark chocolate
1 tbs caster sugar (or brown sugar)
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon (I used my grinder and gave it about 15 turns)
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper (or more if you are brave)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract (I used my vanilla bean grinder - about a dozen turns)
Adjust the spices to your taste


Place all the ingredients in a small saucepan
Put the pan onto a very low heat
Stir constantly till the chocolate melts
Heat till just bubbling around the edges
Pour into a mug
Add whipped cream and more spices on top if you wish

It goes slightly thick as the chocolate melts, and thus lingers on your tongue delightfully.  Oh and fills the belly even more delightfully.  

grab your ingredients 

stirring (first use of my new spirtle)  

stir while the chocolate melts and heats up 

soooo delicious! (the figurine is Frida)  

wonky flag my own doodle; Mexican state emblem courtesy of Wikimedia-public domain)   


  1. Nice post, I also hope to visit Mexico City one day. My mom use to make Spanish Hot Chocolate for us when were little. We use a tool called a Molinillo to froth up the milk and once you've had it like that you'll never want to go back!
    Check out the gif -

    1. it is really delicious, isn't it? i must hunt up a molinillo! would love to have one.

  2. I love Mexican hot chocolate. The last time I was in Mexico I brought home heaps of chocolate and vanilla and now I want to go back and get some more!

    1. Hi Maureen
      Yes it was so delish for breakfast this morning! I love chilli in my hot chocolate.

  3. It's a rainy day in Brissie today and I have a day off...and will be making this! Perfect.

    1. i wonder if we will get the big storm they are talking about this arvo? yes a perfect day for hot choc;)

  4. Ooh I'd love a cup of that right now please! Happy Mexican independence day everyone! :D

    1. and to you lorraine. it is a nice cup of chocolate:)

  5. What a great thing to make for Mexican independence day. Love this kind of hot chocolate, sherry


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