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The Jetty Oxford - Restaurant Review

Want some great food?  Want some great people watching?  Come to The Jetty on trendy Oxford Street, and indulge in both.  You can sit on the high stools and watch the beautiful people passing by on their way to the ferry or City Cat, as the restaurant is right next to the gorgeous, heritage-listed terminal.  

fabulous ferry terminal   

The Sunshine Coast sis-in-law had come down to the city to taste a bit of the high life (ha ha).  We thought a riverside lunch was in order, so off we toddled to the other side of town.  Never say we won't go anywhere to get some great food.  Mr P. and I had had lunch here just a few weeks previously, so I was keen to come again and try out a few more dishes.  

I couldn't resist a glass of French rose, while Mr P. had his usual strawberry milkshake, (plus a sneaky glass of ginger beer later) and SIL stayed with the sparkling water.  

very quaffable Bouchard Rose $9.50   

strawberry malted milk $6   

ginger beer $4.50  

I chose oysters, and seared scallops from the Small Plates part of the menu, which I had eaten last time also.  But I just couldn't help myself, as I had really enjoyed them the first time.  The oysters were fresh and succulent, and came with a chardonnay shallot vinaigrette.  The scallops were a fraction disappointing this time. The plate was swimming in a bright yellow (turmeric?) sauce, and had very little cauliflower puree. This was a bit sad, as the sauce added very little to the dish, and I would have loved some more of that smooth puree.  The scallops themselves were verging on undercooked.  I like mine to be just done, but these needed a few more seconds on the grill.  I still enjoyed it but just not quite as much as the previous lunch.

seared scallops with cauliflower puree w/-golden raisins & toasted almonds $18.50 - (just not as pretty or tasty this time)  

oysters arranged so prettily the first time 1/2 doz $16  

still tasty but not so nicely plated  

Brussels sprouts w/-bacon, honey & sesame seeds $9 

The sprouts were a bit crunchy but went well with the bacon etc.  SIL ate her way steadily through them, as they were a hefty bowlful.  We shared the chips, though I think I may have eaten some of her share too:)  The chips were chips; not much to be said but tasty and moreish.  I like my aioli to be really garlicky; this one was quite mild. One day I will find a restaurant that makes pungent aioli, even though Mr P. may not want to kiss me for a while after. 

chips w/- aioli $9 

wagyu beef burger w/- chips etc $22 (first visit)    

another view of the beef burger (2nd visit)   

Mr P. enjoyed his beef burger and chips.  He said it was juicy, and flavoursome.  (I really wonder if the wagyu makes much difference to a burger, considering it is slathered in sauces?).  Mr P. had this burger both times, and had no problems scoffing it down.

And thus we come to dessert!  It really was kind of SIL and Mr P. to go the whole hog for me, by having desserts that I could photograph.

sticky toffee pudding, butterscotch sauce and walnut cream $14.50  

chocolate fondant, Lindt choc sauce and espresso icecream  $14.50  

vanilla bean brulee, biscotti and lemon curd icecream $14.50   

We all agreed that the desserts were delicious.  The brulee had a great snap; my fondant was moist and chocolatey, and the toffee pudding was a sticky treat.  One small thing which I found tiresome (and yes I know I have whinged about this before) is my dessert coming out on a wooden board. What's with that?  Pretty darn hard to scoop up the icecream when it is running over the board.  And it was jolly hard to get a full mouthful of all the elements as the little ramekin didn't lend itself to holding everything at once.  That aside, it was delicious.

The Jetty does dinner 5 nights a week, and also does catering and functions.  And they have great coffee too, which you can drink at the coffee bar or take away.  

The Pickings' verdict?: Service was friendly and professional; the atmosphere relaxed, and the food was modern and well-executed for the most part.  A congenial place to eat and hang out, and do some people watching.

And look what came by during lunch.  This stunningly cute yellow car.  The driver was very considerate, and hung around so we could take photos:)

so cute...

1b Oxford St,
Bulimba 4171
Ph: 07 3899 6113

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