Thursday, 5 November 2015

Hemingway Cafe - Review

Hemingway?  Hmm, yes I have read one or 2 of his books.  But I prefer delving into the works of his amazing spouse Martha Gellhorn.  Ernest was her middle husband of 3. She was a travel writer, novelist and journalist, and one of the first female war correspondents.  Definitely one of my heroines.  (Nicole Kidman played her in a recent movie, too.)

Moving right along folks to a recent lunch we had at Hemingway's (formerly Sip Cafe). It was a Public Holiday, so we were a wee bit worried that nothing would be open.  But thankfully there were quite a few places awaiting the hungry hordes.  (Naughty naughty! Labour Day should be a holiday for all, I reckon).  

Hemingway has the usual suspects: toasty, bready, eggy dishes. They also had some more interesting items on the menu like muesli, fruit loaf and a chia and coconut pudding on offer.  The Public Holiday specials included zucchini fritters, a dish of meatballs, and bubble and squeak so definitely some variants there. 

espresso Iced Deliciousness $6.50  ($7.50 on the menu)   

You could have either espresso or dark chocolate sauce in this.  I asked for both.  They asked did I mean mocha?  I was confused - what else is mocha but chocolate and coffee flavours together?  I got both, and yes clearly I did want mocha. :=)

mixed berry smoothie $6.50 ($7.50 on the menu)   

Mr P. went for the zucchini fritters special.  He liked this dish.  It was fresh and full of flavour; and the beetroot relish was a winner. His only caveat was the somewhat overwhelming amount of dill in the fritters, and on the plate.

zucchini fritters w/- haloumi, fetta, beetroot relish + poached egg $18 ($20.70 on the menu) 

 Yep I know - there I was saying how great it was to see something different on the menu and I choose eggs benny with salmon.  What a cliché, you are saying.   Tough, I say:=)  That's what my stomach clamoured for.   

Atlantic Eggs Benedict with salmon $15.50 ($17.80 on the menu)    

Here are the things I didn't really like about my lunch: the muffin thingy was too sweet. (Not sure where this horrible idea of having sweet bread/buns in a savoury dish came from, but please stop it now everyone!).  I found the balsamic syrup/glaze also just way too sweet.  Sorry to say it didn't add anything to the dish.  The salmon was a generous serve, so no complaints there.

The café is in a pleasant area of Teneriffe in an old woolstore. Beautiful plumage! No, I mean bricks.  (sorry non-Monty Python fans).  The street is tree-lined which adds greenery and coolth (yes this is a real word) to the atmosphere.  Slightly higher chairs would be lovely though.  I feel like a child peering over the adults' table sometimes.

(The price difference on the menu was due to the Public Holiday surcharge which increased the price we paid for these meals).  

such beauteous brickwork    

a charming bit of pyrography on the tabletops 

Hemingway Café
54 Vernon Tce., Teneriffe
Ph: 3257 1799

Hemingway Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


  1. I think Hemmingway would have approved but he would have wanted alcohol in some fashion along with the meal. :)

  2. Sherry - this looks great. We are going as a group for brunch in NF in a week, so I have sent your review onto friends so that can decide if they want to go. Cheers!

    1. i hope it goes well fiona. it is such a lovely building and the food was not bad.:)


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