Thursday, 12 November 2015

Raspberry Icy Poles

raspberry icy pole on a big blue stick

I call 'em icy poles, hubby calls them ice blocks, the Brits call them iced lollies.  Just one of the linguistic differences I found when I moved interstate years ago. What the hell was "a port"; why did you park your car in "a park"; what was "a rockmelon"; why could you not buy regular fish and chips with flake (gummy shark)??  Oh, the questions were endless.  And why was I constantly asked what country I came from? :=)  I kid you not.

We have already had some weird summer weather including huge storms with hail and loads of wind and rain.  And the temperature was hitting the mid 30's - Celsius of course.  Thankfully, the farmers out west got some of the desperately needed rain. Hard to believe it has been so hot as today is grey and cool, and just starting to spit.  

When we were in the small country town of Daylesford, Victoria earlier this year we came across a shop that seemed to sell everything including icy pole moulds.  So I couldn't resist buying these cute spaceship versions when I came across them recently in a kitchenware shop.  Or ice block moulds as it says on the box. Regardless of the name, these are perfect for a hot summer's day.      


300g. frozen raspberries (or fruit of your choice), thawed
60g. icing sugar
2-3 mint leaves 
200mls red moscato
1/4 tsp orange blossom water    
2 tsp lemon or lime juice (optional)


Blitz the raspberries, sugar and mint leaves in a blender till smooth

Push this mix through a fine sieve to get rid of the seeds (you will end up with about 270mls of purée) 

Stir in the moscato, orange blossom water and lemon juice (if using)

Pour into the moulds and freeze for several hours till set

If you were really concerned about the seeds, you could sieve it twice, but I ain't that crazy:=)

These moulds hold about 80 mls each so I made about 500mls.  I had enough mix to fill the moulds plus a little left over which you can pour over ice cream or whatever you fancy.  This is definitely an adult treat, as it is not very sweet and of course is alcoholic.

ready to blitz 

sorry folks - you have to sieve! 

looks a bit like brains doesn't it?     

ready to combine purée with moscato  

about to stir them together  

pouring into the moulds   

ready for take off - well, just to the freezer  

my crazy raspberry doodle


  1. It's so nice to use fresh fruit in ice lollies!

  2. These molds are so cute! Perfect for a raspberry ice too! :D


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