Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Harvest Café Newrybar New South Wales - Review

a gorgeous if very hot day here in Newrybar     

Mr P. and I have eaten here half a dozen times at least over the last couple of years. We are regular visitors down this way, and like to stop off at Newrybar and check out the deli, and have a bite to eat in the café - which is really a restaurant to be honest.

Let's get this out of the way first.  Hospitality/service in the northern NSW region is erratic to say the least, and ego-destroying to say the worst.  We were lucky enough to have a marvellous and friendly waitress serving us on this day (a boiling hot Friday last week).  Sorry I didn't get your name, lovely lady.  

lovely waitress  

preservative-free ginger beer from Byron Bay $6   

a glass of  King Valley Prosecco $12  

Mr P. loved his ginger beer; it was refreshing and not too sweet. He said, and I quote: "it was the best ginger beer I have ever had." High praise indeed from the ginger beer afficionado.  Our charming waitress told us they take the syrup and put it through the soda fountain so it is delightfully sparkling.  I had the Prosecco, also refreshing and not too sweet. :=)

Hubby had a slice of woodfired sourdough bread ($2.50), with butter and smoked salt. The bread is made right here at Harvest in the 101 year old bakery behind the restaurant.  They must have been baking the day we were there as a lot of smoke was coming towards us on the verandah.  I thought this slice looked a bit like a map of Australia.  Mr P. adores bread and this one was a winner - flavoursome and really fresh.

sourdough w/- butter and smoked salt $2.50 per slice 

In the meantime, I ate some oysters.  With local finger limes, $4.50 each.  Served on pretty and shiny rocks, with a wedge of lime on the side.  I loved these; so fresh and zippy in the mouth due to the finger lime pearls, and the smooth creaminess of the molluscs.

creamy and tangy oysters  $4.50 each   

Next came my grilled octopus.  This was a tender chunk of octopus, with just the right amount of chew.  I think some diners might find its looks a bit startling, due to a prevalence of baby octopus not that many years ago.  I found it delicious; apparently there was also sobrassada on the plate (raw, cured sausage-I looked it up), but I can't say I noticed.  I just ate up all the delicious, chewy components on my plate very happily.

grilled octopus $20  

local roasted potatoes w/- thyme $9   

The potatoes were a tiny bit too soft for me; I tend to like them quite firm but they were very tasty.  Skin-on so you get the goodness and a bit of bite.  We polished them all off easily.

beetroot plum sorrel and hazelnut dressing  $8  

I would never have thought to put beetroot and plum together but it worked well. Somewhat sweet, earthy beetroot, sweet but tangy plums and crunchy nuts added up to an enjoyable mixture of textures and flavours.

cucumber fig yoghurt & fennel pollen $17    

This was a very refreshing cucumber broth, with figs and dried (?) yoghurt.  I know I keep on about the refreshing food, but it was just so darn hot that we really appreciated anything cool and tangy on the tongue that day.

violet crumble $16   

The waitress had me at "violet ice cream".  I have a thing about floral scented food.  I know lots of people hate it but I am not one of those nay-sayers.  I love them - lavender, rose and especially violet.  The chocolate mousse was light on the tongue, the honeycomb was crunchy and sweet.  Altogether, it was a wonder and I hoovered it down.  Sorry Mr P.

pretty little eggplants growing in the front garden     

Harvest grow their own herbs and veggies in both garden beds and on the farm, and they believe in using locally grown and sourced food.  All done in a casual but up to city standard atmosphere.  We will be back! as a certain Austrian used to say.  And don't forget to drop into the deli and bakery to grab some gourmet goodies.  Not cheap but worth it.  

the 101 year old bakery out the back      

18 Old Pacific Highway, Newrybar NSW 2479
Ph 02 6687 2644

Harvest Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


  1. I think this is the first time I've read a review and we've been to the same place. Nice to read your perspective. We really enjoyed our visit there too. It looks like we ordered some of the same things too!

  2. I will have to read your review again Lorraine. I hope we saw eye to eye:). We had a great lunch there!

  3. That food looks absolutely incredible... What a fantastic find! :)

    1. it is a great place, and has such a great atmosphere to it. i love that the bakery and the old houses have been preserved...'cos they were falling down before:)

  4. Yum! The best part is that they grow their own fruit and veggies with an emphasis on local ;)

    1. you're right there Jem. it is a wonderful thing:)

  5. The waitress is gorgeous; what a beautiful smile. I like how they grow their own vegetables. I'd love to try the ginger beer. And definitely I'd want that violet crumble. Great review xx

    1. Oh she was lovely Charlie! And it was a wonderful lunch. I will have to go back again for the dessert. X

  6. Wow it looks like a very delicious place and I think I'd quite like to taste the ginger beer too and the violet ice cream!

    1. it is a very delicious place indeed:) and the violet ice cream was so yum.


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