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The Commercial Boutique Hotel Tenterfield NSW - Review

Mr P. and I usually head off to Stanthorpe each winter to enjoy some nice cold weather (and snow if we are really lucky).  And yes it has snowed - well, sleeted at least - while we were there.  This time we decided to head a wee bit further south over the border to Tenterfield.  I had been wanting to check out the accommodation in this boutique hotel for a while.

see those windows on the left?  that's our room   

Last winter, we had lunch there in front of the fireplace.  This time, we stayed a couple of nights in one of their charming art deco rooms.  The hotel had previously been sitting vacant for a decade, so it was a big job for this former Brisbane couple to bring it up to speed.  And what a ripper of a job they have done.  

the back entrance via the outdoor deck  

The hotel now consists of 8 rooms, a bar which serves lunch/dinner and tapas, and a restaurant serving dinner on Friday and Saturday nights.  Run by a French chef no less! The story is that the chef was moving up to Brisbane from Tamworth but his van broke down in Tenterfield and here he stayed.  Lucky for the hotel and lucky for the diners.

the bathtub in our huge bathroom   

Personally I would need a ladder to get into this tub, but I'm sure taller folks would love to climb in.  I loved the huge shower with rain shower head, and the lovely, sweet-scented and organic bath amenities (which you can purchase from the hotel if you really love them).  The basket weave tiles were a hit with both of us; Mr P. being a building designer found them particularly fascinating as we hadn't come across them before.  Oh did I mention the heated towel racks?  Fabulous on a cold morning.

yep that's me in the mirror   

Okay so I am not the tallest person in the world but I did feel this room was meant for taller folk than me.  I literally couldn't see myself in the mirror, and I would need a cherry picker to get me in the bath.  Even the wardrobe was a bit giant size and I could barely on my tippy-toes reach the hanger part inside.  I sometimes get the feeling that interior designers are 6 feet tall blokes who have no idea about the fairer sex needing a bit of leeway in the height department.:=)

that's BB my travelling bunny on the mantel  

We loved the decor, and the calm and relaxing atmosphere but there were a few quibbles.  Hubby and I both like lots of surfaces to put our stuff on when we are away. Fortunately there is a mantel which helps but we would have loved a small coffee table in front of the lounge and perhaps an arm chair.  Mr P. who is always working would love a work desk.  Free wi-fi was a real bonus though.  And please someone tell me why hotels almost never have reading lights over the bed?  Since a lot of travellers are business people, you would think a reading light was essential.   

looking out onto the balcony  

Even though the hotel is on the main highway, the rooms are very quiet as the windows are double glazed.  The curtains are thick and heavy so they shut out the light from the streetlamps and the morning sun.  Make sure you shut the bathroom door when you go to bed 'cos wow, when we opened the bathroom door in the morning, it was like a Hollywood set lit for the next scene.

how gorgeous are these railings!  Titanic here we come... 

salmon steak, polenta and a creamy dill sauce $30.50      

Here's my dinner on our first night in.  Mr P. had the chicken pot pie.  The bar has a mates' rates special for $19, which includes this one.

chicken pot pie $19   

The next night we stayed in again and had tapas at the bar.  I have a weakness for tapas, and these really fit the bill.  I could have tucked into a few more of those arancini to be honest.

arancini $12.50 

We got an extra 2 arancini which cost another $4.  They were creamy and had a lovely mushroom-y flavour.  Stuffed olives, polenta chips and scallops were followed by the special dessert of the night - French crepes.  Mine had banana and chocolate sauce while hubby had strawberry.  These were delicious!

stuffed olives $9.50   


polenta chips $11 

The polenta chips were fine but I guess I have been spoiled by the ones at Jamie Oliver's which are sprinkled with parmesan and so damn delicious.  These were a bit flat in comparison.

scallops $17.50    

I loved these!   So firm and tasty and full of flavour.  And luckily for me, hubby isn't fond of scallops so I got more.

French crepe $12

and another crepe $12  

side entrance 

One thing to remember is that they do have a ground floor room which is suitable for disabled guests, but the other rooms are upstairs without a lift.  The helpful owner carried our bags upstairs so don't let the lift-lessness put you off.  We had a fab weekend away and I would love to come back soon.

The Commercial Boutique Hotel
288 Rouse St., Tenterfield NSW
Ph: 02 6736 4870


  1. Hi Sherry:)
    I just love this hotel tour you have shared with us today. Australia has always been on my bucket list and the more I see charming places such as this lovely hotel, the higher it gets on my list:)

    The heated towel racks? Oh my, I love it! Too bad height consideration wasn't at the forefront though.

    The food looks amazing! I have a weakness for tapas too and those rice balls! Sounds like you and your hubby had a wonderful relaxing time. Good for you!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Sherry...

    1. You must come visit Louise. We are a friendly mob in Australia. And there is heaps to see.

  2. I LOVE this hotel!!! John and I stayed there a couple of years ago and the staff and management were fantastic. We just got tired and decided to stop so no plans but they couldn't have been kinder and gave us a tour of the place. It's beautiful and our food was fantastic. We ate in the back room past the bar as the dining room was full. :)

    1. Isn't it fab Maureen? Can't wait to go again. Hope you are feeling okay.

  3. I've never been to Tenterfield but it looks like lovely accommodation. I feel the pain of being small too. Sometimes rooms are designed for the very tall. In Japan Mr NQN has the opposite problem ;)

  4. Can't wait to check this out as we go through Tenterfield a bit. Looks really lovely!

    1. It is lovely Jem even just for dinner or a drink. And the owners are lovely too.

  5. Ooh it looks fab, and that salmon looks amazing. I love unique hotels xx


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