Thursday 26 May 2016

Hello Harry The Burger Joint - Review

Another burger place?  I wonder when this trend will change?  But for now it looks like it will keep on keeping on - as the old advert goes.  To be honest, I am not the biggest burger fan.  I like the old-fashioned kind of burger; you know - beetroot, fried egg, iceberg lettuce, pineapple even, sliced tomato and a big beefy burger pattie. Okay maybe I'm old school but I've been told that more than once:=)

easy to find this place:=)  

Mr P. and I were out and about recently having sushi and noticed this place flashing its name at us and begging for attention.  I liked the name and it looked interesting so off we trotted a week or so after it opened.  We brought along our friend Princess Pia, who is always willing to try something new. Witness her recent 2 month sojourn in South America, up the Amazon, and climbing Machu Picchu, and fishing for piranha!

yep that's a piranha!

You guessed it - here be burgers.  The menu is a simple one so you will find the usual suspects - beef, pork, fish, chicken, lamb, a vego option and sides.  You can also have yourself a glass of wine, cider or a beer to go with.  Or if you are the designated driver, you can have a Nutella, strawberry or salted caramel shake (flavourings made by the chefs). Guess what Mr P. chose.      

I knew you'd guess - strawb. milkshake $7     

Mr P. loved his milkshake.  He said it was fluffy, and the flavouring okay.  But he would have liked a bigger one.  He can down them in seconds, folks.

the Princess and I had a glass of Sauv Blanc $9     

Yes of course we had one each, you silly.  Sorry the photos are a bit dim; we were sitting outside on funny little stools 'cos the music inside was a bit loud for the elderly and hard of hearing like us.:=)    (A few decent chairs wouldn't go astray guys!)  The waitress was very accommodating and did get the music turned down a bit for us though.  

onion rings $7 

The onion rings were crispy, and looked ever so cute in the bowl with the pretend newspaper.  But there is a big but here, the batter was just so incredibly over-sweet that it made them not so pleasing to the palate.  Is this some weird American idea?  Please leave out the sugar, guys!  Onions have enough natural sweetness in them so you really don't need anymore.

chips with seasoning $5 

These were crispy on the outside and soft in the middle just like a good chip should be - yep there's another but - we could detect sugar in the coating or seasoning.  Not a huge amount but enough to be disconcerting.  Just not necessary, and in fact it ruins a good chip.  I think the condiment with the chips was aioli but it may have been plain mayo. For me it was too mild to tell.  

grilled chicken burger $10    

My chicken burger was pleasant.  (I decided against the crumbed fish as I was afraid the crumbs would be sweetened.)  The bun was fresh, and the slaw added a nice crunch.  So this was a small but cute burger (like someone you know?)  And I love sesame seeds so that's a winner for me.

Middle Eastern Chickpea burger $10 - slightly burnt on top?     

Mr P. usually goes veggo when we are out so he chose this one. The chickpea pattie was mild in flavour (he wanted some spice) and he would have liked some more of the candied pumpkin and honey mustard.  "Sparse" was his comment.  He is like Manu on My Kitchen Rules - "where's the sauce?", and he is always after more relishes and more flavour.

grass fed beef burger $10   

Princess Pia had the beef burger with home made tomato jam.   Here is what she said about it: very tasty, hits the spot and just the right size for a lady.  Definitely American style burger, lots of flavour, tasty mayo and fillings but a little on the sweet side.   

We had to ask our waitress for cutlery which she happily brought out to us.  Not so keen on the kitchen paper roll sitting on the table. Perhaps they could try that idea of having a caddy on the table with the cutlery and napkins?  And we didn't find any water jugs around. Most places these days have a self-service water cooler or jug for customer use, so we were a bit surprised.  Maybe we just didn't see it?

the cover of the menu kindly given to me by the waiter in lieu of a businesscard  

Overall, an okay pit stop for a quick bite.  But I think a lad with a large appetite would need 2 burgers to assuage his hunger.  Maybe I was expecting too much, but I was a leetle disappointed by the small burgers and the startling amount of sweetness in everything. Sadly I will not be rushing back.  If I want sweet, I will hit the icecream parlour next door.:=)  

you can just make out the graffiti-type mural inside 

Portside Wharf
39 Hercules St., Hamilton Qld
Ph: 0477 277 280

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  1. Nice blog oh Hello Harry....from across the road :)

    1. Is this you princess Pia? We had a nice night didn't we?:)

  2. The sweet batter does sound really odd and out of place. I wonder what they were going for? And hehe Mr NQN can down a milkshake super quickly too!

    1. I really don't get putting sugar in batter and burger buns. Yuck:).

  3. I haven't been to this place yet and to be honest, now I'm not in a hurry. Sweet onion rings? Not ok. Isn't it International Burger Day today lol? Think it is...

  4. It's not bad Jem but just all too sweet. It was pretty fresh and tasty but so sweet. I read some reviews of their other branches and hardly anyone mentioned the sweetness . Perhaps the younger generation have grown-up with all this sugar ?:)


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