Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Macabella/Nutella Coffee Mousse

Well, here's a surprise - another recipe from the Donna Hay magazine I bought last week.  I want to get my money's worth out of this unusual (for me) purchase so I kept flicking through and found this.  I have noticed Donna simply puts all the ingredients into her recipe names, so no fancy terms or cutesy titles; this one she describes as chocolate hazelnut coffee mousse.  Aw come on, you know you are going to use Nutella, unless you make your own.

Except I didn't use it.  Rather I went for Macabella Crunch which is a chocolate and macadamia nut spread - with crunchy bits of nut in it.  I thought it was Australian, but turns out it is made in Belgium. (Though Buderim Ginger owns the brand.) This is a dead easy mousse and incredibly delicious.  Great for the arteries too:=) 

Serves 4-6


250g. tub of mascarpone

1 cup (330g.) of Macabella or Nutella spread 

1/4 cup (15g.) instant coffee granules

375 mls of pure (pouring) cream

2 tbs cacao nibs


Spoon the mascarpone and the nut spread of your choice into a medium mixing bowl

Stir well to combine

Grab another medium bowl, add the coffee granules and pour in the cream

Now beat the coffee and cream together till you get soft peaks

Add the 2 mixtures together and beat for 30 seconds till you get stiff peaks

Spoon into 4 x 1½ cup ramekins or small bowls

Top each bowl with a sprinkle of cacao nibs

Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before serving


Use less coffee if you are not a huge coffee lover - this was strong

Use 6 smaller cups unless you are a piggie!  It is rich, and I think having a quarter of this mousse is a bit extravagant in one sitting

For some odd reason I only bought a 300 mls carton of cream so I made up the difference with sour cream and yoghurt - still good!

I decided to add the cacao nibs; I think it needs a bit of texture - as those Masterchef boys would say


stir the mascarpone and nut spread together  

whizz the cream and coffee together till soft peaks form     


beat the 2 mixes together for 30 seconds  


you caught me out! but I had to try it      

my nut spread doodle


  1. Wow two recipes!! ;) Well it does sound calorifically good :D

    1. oh yes quite a few calories there but what the heck! we won't eat it every day.:) I am going to check out more recipes in the mag. maybe i will find another to make...

  2. I've never heard of Macabella so am off to Google. Not Aussie but an Aussie company so that's positive. Looks very sinful but delish.

    1. macabella is the bees' knees fiona. they make a Velvet smooth version too but i like crunch.

  3. Oh yum...my arteries ARE going to love this and so will I!

    1. the macabella gives it such a lovely flavour and the little bites of nut add a nice dimension. -wow that really sounds like the MC boys!

  4. How easy is this? I love it and Donna Hay's recipes. Have you tried the Fresh and Light one? I like that it has some good and more healthy seasonal recipes esp. for using fresh veggies. I just might have to try this recipe, but perhaps with peanut butter instead....sorry the American in me can't resist. ;-)

  5. What a delicious dessert. I didn't notice this recipe. I bought last months Donna Hat and made the smokey lamb pizza, it's in the blog now!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing
    Gourmet Getaways

    1. I really like the chicken and sauerkraut recipe in this mag. Worth it for that.

  6. I think it's great that you're going to get the full use out of the magazine, Sherry. I stop myself from buying too many of them for fear I'll breeze through them and never go back!

    Donna Hay seems to be soooo popular. If I ever saw her magazine I would buy it!

    Your Mousse looks heavenly. I wouldn't have been able to resist a taste either, lol...thanks for sharing, Sherry...Pinning!

  7. I am def. trying to get my money's worth out of this mag:)


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