Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Rabbit Hole Café - Review

Mother's Day, nearly 2pm on a Sunday and nearly every café closing by 2:30.  It didn't look good for Mr P. and me to find lunch after visiting his mum in the nursing home.  We were zipping around the back blocks when I spotted a café hidden away in a side street.  I love anything to do with rabbits - Alice in Wonderland, The Velveteen Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, pet rabbits, and a good rabbit stew.  So this café was calling my name.  

reflection on the front window of the café  

We sat down in the outside courtyard to peruse the menu.  I decided on potato hash cakes from the all-day breakfast menu while hubby went for the halloumi burger from the all-day lunch menu.  

potato hash cakes $17   


These hash cakes were mashed potatoes which was a bit disappointing to me.  I had expected something a bit chunkier, or grated potato even.  They were sad to say rather bland and heavy.   On the plus side there was heaps of crispy bacon, and a herbed sour cream.

and this is just the first page of breakfast dishes  

halloumi burger on brioche bun w/- avocado, pesto, homemade relish etc. $18  

Mr P. really enjoyed his burger (he always chooses vego.)  The chips were well-seasoned and crispy, and the burger had plenty of relish - a Mr P. essential.

iced mocha $4.50 

My iced mocha was strong and very cold; perfect for a warm Brissie day.  Hubby had his usual strawberry milkshake.  We had to ask for water several times from different waitstaff.  I guess they all forgot, even though it wasn't incredibly busy.

strawb. milkshake $6.50 - slightly expensive for its size?     

The Rabbit Hole calls itself a tapas bar and restaurant doing breakfast and brunch.  You can indulge in a coffee or a glass of wine or beer and while away some time, or go all out and have a tasty meal.  

from across the road - sorry about the sun  

The café is in a charming revamped corner shop, with plenty of outdoor space.  They have a kids' menu too if this is a family outing.  You can even build your own breakfast, or indulge in an espresso martini. 

The Verdict: a pleasant place to spend some time relaxing with some tasty food and a coffee or wine.

5 The Corso, Seven Hills 4170
Ph: 0410 119 341

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  1. I live pretty close to there but have never been. Not liking the sound of the hash cakes...bit to much hash lol.

    1. yep those hash cakes were really mash cakes - just not what i expected. but it is a pleasant place to sit and enjoy a bit of food and drink.

  2. We are always looking for food in that 2-5pm timeframe and if we find somewhere nice that is open during those between meal hours it is just gold!

    I don't understand what has happened with potato foods. Potato dishes are one of my all time favourite foods and everyone seemed to know how to get them just right but these days they are almost always a disappointment. Do we have too many types of potatoes to choose from now? Is it because we're scared of using too much fat? At least there was plenty of bacon right?

    1. Hi Stella
      Yes it is so hard to find anything open after 2pm Just weird. And a shame no one seems to know that potato needs heaps of seasoning and flavour.

  3. A bit of a shame about the potato cakes. I always think that deep fried things just have to be really tasty for the calories!

  4. This place is within walking distance and is always packed. They have gone from strength to strength but it's so small that I don't bother. The menu may be good but I don't want to eat my meal cheek by jowl with someone I don't know, on a sloping footpath. Maybe it is more relaxed on weekdays but weekends are definitely out. You get around!

    1. We do our best to get around. This place was not bad at all and not too busy as it was so late in the day and they were turning people away.


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