Thursday, 2 June 2016

Tide Wine Bar - Review

This newly-opened wine bar on the Manly jetty sits over the water - literally. It used to be a very casual fish and chip type place, but has now gone a bit upmarket as a wine bar.  It is still casual, but serves tapas as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week.

Hubby and I often take a drive down to Manly for a walk along the water, and to visit the gallery where I have bought several artworks. We noticed that Tide was opening in May, and decided to come back soon to check it out.

the sign points you out to the jetty

the view from the jetty 

Mr P. and I decided to have a few tapas for lunch.  We went a bit wild and ordered 5 different ones.  And double the arancini, which I smuggled home in a paper napkin 'cos we were too full.  So we had sweet potato fries, onion rings (thank goodness not sugary), porcini arancini (there's a mouthful), Italian meatballs and baby squid stuffed with chorizo.  

stuffed baby squid w/- saffron aioli  $10

Mr P. doesn't eat seafood so I had this dish to myself.  It was nice to see a couple of baby octopi on the plate too.  I loved these tender little squid morsels, though not completely convinced by the stuffing.  I am not a huge fan of chorizo or any sort of sausage, so I could happily have done without it.  The aioli was pretty and gave a spicy boost to the baby squid - or is that squids?  

sweet potato fries $6 

We both love sweet potato fries, so soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside.  And these were little beauties, scattered with salt and served with a peppery mayo. 

onion rings $6

The onion rings were tasty too, though I would have liked a few more.  They were not too greasy as onion rings can sometimes be, and thankfully they did not have the overpowering sugar coating that we had had recently at a hamburger joint.  They were served with more aioli, which is always a good thing.:=)

porcini arancini $9

As arancini go, these were good.  A nice crispy outside and a moist tender inside.  Mr P. was very enamoured of them.  I had a slight hesitation in that I found the rice mixture quite strong in flavour, almost too strong for me.  And I never thought I would say that about any food as I adore strong flavours.  But it was a very strong porcini taste.

Italian meatballs $9

Sorry to say I couldn't eat the meatballs.  I didn't really like the sauce, not that there was anything wrong with it, just not my thing. Sadly the meatballs were very tough and rubbery, and unpleasant.  I don't know if they were simply overcooked, or what the problem was.  I would guess they were pork which I find unpalatable; but that's my issue not theirs.  Mr P. ate them all, which was fair enough seeing that he didn't have any of the baby squid.

We were going teetotal, Mr P. driving and me just giving my liver a break.  So we had water and ginger beer.  Next time, I must have me a nice glass of something delicious and alcoholic.

sparkling water $3  

ginger beer $4 

Tide was a popular spot to be on this sunny Saturday afternoon with lots of customers coming through the door.  There is a bar area where you can sit and look over the water (and the expensive boats) and enjoy a drink or 2.  Or you can relax on the roomy couches.  

You can also get fish and chips, frittata, salads, cheese and charcuterie platters, smoothies, coffee and so on.  And of course wine and beers.  This is a pleasant place to while away the afternoon, and I look forward to coming back for a slouch on the couch.

looking back to the Wine Bar from the end of the jetty  

William Gunn Jetty
1 Wyvernleigh Close,
Manly 4179

Ph: 07 3396 8962

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  1. Might have to check it out, haven't been to Manly for a while. It's a great place to cruise around in our mustang :)

    1. My sis-in-law has a Mustang too! you are right - what a fab place to drive around in it.

  2. For a moment I thought you meant Manly in Sydney and I was thinking that that was the quietest I had ever seen that suburb. Tough meatballs are so disappointing. I love it when they melt in your mouth...

    1. i do love a juicy meatball and sadly this wasn't one of those. I wondered if people would think this was Manly NSW:) I often get confused when reading blogs etc and not knowing which Manly they mean.

  3. The aranchini do look very good. What a shame about the meatballs! I'd love to try the onion rings and serving them with aioli is great xx

  4. I was just down at Manly last weekend but only a flying visit to collect some chairs off Gumtree so I didn't notice this. We visit Manly and Wynnum regularly as they are close by. I'll have to go back and inspect. The squid looks very tender and delish.

    1. Yes we love it down there. So relaxing. You have to hunt a bit to find the wine bar. It isn't obvious at all from the street. But the view and tapas are worth it.


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