Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Pecan Liqueur - The Sequel

Well, the fascinating, nutty brew has now been double-filtered and bottled.  And it now sits in my fridge, saying "drink me, drink me," just like the potion in Alice in Wonderland. All right, you found me out: I heeded its siren song, and had a sip or 2 over ice.  Mm, mm, rather nice. Strangely, both myself and Mr P. said "it tastes like coffee," even though there is no coffee involved.  

It has been such fun watching it get thicker and darker each day.   By the end of the fortnight, the pecans have swollen and sunk down, and you have an incredibly dark brown, syrupy mixture, ripe for bottling.  So grab your super-clean Chux (cleaning cloth), and let's start filtering.    

ready for filtering

First you grab a medium-sized bowl, and place a large strainer over it.  Then place a scrupulously clean Chux cloth over the strainer.

bowl and strainer in place  

Chux cloth over the strainer 

you can see the speckly vanilla seeds around the edge of the jar  

pouring the mixture into the cloth 

squeeze out all the liquid from the nuts 

you will end up with a bowl of luscious liqueur 

and a heap of vodka-infused pecans 

Once you have poured the mixture into the cloth, you will squeeze and squeeze till all the liquid has come through.  Replace the cloth with another clean cloth, and pour the liquid through again.  Then you are left with the lovely stuff in your bowl, and the vodka-infused pecans in the original cloth.  Now pour the liqueur into bottles and store in the fridge. Keep the nuts in a container in the fridge too; I figure they will go well on ice-cream.

bottling the filtered liquid

ready for the fridge


I used 2 brand-new Chux cloths for this.  I rinsed and dried them before use.  You can then wash them out and re-use the cloths, or do as I did (since they were a generic brand) - chuck 'em away. 

(Check out my original post for the recipe here).

my "drink me" potion doodle


  1. Wow! I love how it's looking...even the way it looks in the jar before filtering. Why am I thinking this would taste good poured over ice cream?

    1. I think you are very right Jem. Great on ice cream I bet.

  2. How divine!! And yes to the nuts over ice cream-no waste, just taste! :D

    1. absolutely lorraine! they are sitting in the fridge waiting....

  3. It looks very syrupy. A suggestion - I love Amaretto liqueur and enjoy it as an after dinner sweet treat but then I was introduced to a cocktail where the sweet nutty Amaretto was topped with a dash of soda water and a measure of lime juice. Surprisingly good. Perhaps it will work with this liqueur too.

    1. Sounds good. I believe they suggest drinking frangelico that way too.


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