Thursday, 27 July 2017

Cloudland, Costumes And Crazies

Cloudland is a venue with function rooms, bars, bands and a restaurant. It is a really interesting space with a roof that opens up to the sky.  It has a bit of a 1920's vibe going, with lots of spectacular lights, chandeliers, sumptuous couches and a water wall.  It is situated in The Valley, which was once home to prostitutes, homeless persons, crooked cops and drug dealers.  I have a feeling there are still a few of all of those around if you look hard enough.

looking up

The Valley is great if you are under 25, and looking for some fun. We felt like fish out of water as we walked up to the venue for the awards night we were attending.  (Mr P. was up for some building design awards). But that may also have been because we were dressed in 1920's gear.

Mr P. doing his gangsta impersonation 

a motley crew :=) of gorgeous friends 

the menu

I am not a fussy eater, people!  Honestly!  I will eat just about anything presented to me; I have even eaten tripe, and chicken hearts, and veal when I was vegetarian.  But sadly I went home hungry this night.  I would have to say this meal was one of the worst I've (not) eaten.  So, 'nuff said about that.

the lamb

the pork belly

the cute English croupier

Yes folks, there were roulette tables, and vingt-et-un, and whatever else you play at casinos.  Such fun!  I stood around just loving this fellow's accent, and expertise with the cards.

the chicken

the rib fillet 

Funny story: Mr P. is disabled and can't use a knife so I was cutting up the chicken for him.  The waiter very kindly noticed and asked if we wanted it to be cut up for him.  Yes please!  The funny part is the chicken came back as beef.  Yes miraculously his chicken had been reborn as cow.  Oh how we laughed and we laughed...

macadamia tart

sticky toffee pudding

gorgeous lights

more gorgeous friends

looking up at the glass ceiling - tables reflected above 

It was a great night!  And why did I mention crazies?  Because going to The Valley on a Saturday night is an exercise in craziness. There are just hundreds and hundreds of barely dressed girls (in Winter!), and drunken people everywhere, all trying to get into the trendiest clubs. Now that they have introduced ID scanning, the queues are even longer. Thankfully, not my worry:=)

Cloudland - 641 Ann Street, 
Fortitude Valley
Ph: 07 3872 6600


  1. Your food photos all look like normal restaurant food so I wondered why you were unable or unwilling to eat any of it. You didn't mention if you even tasted anything. I'm confused! It looks like a nice gala affair.

    best... mae at

    1. Hi Mae
      I tried it all but it was fairly terrible. I didn't want to be too nasty but it was bad even for function food. tasteless, dried out, mean. You get the drift...

    2. I guess you can artistically "plate" garbage and it will still be garbage!

    3. very true.:) it was okay just not "good" food.

  2. Chanderliers look wonderful. And your friends too. Congrats to Mr P. for reward. Pictures of food are very pretty. It's a shame that you came back home hungry :(

    1. thank you Klara. Yes a shame indeed about the food. i know function food is always pretty bland but this was really bland! and god help you if you were a vego.

  3. It was a fun evening because everyone dressed up. And the 20's theme worked well. The venue was great, but as Mrs P says - some food was ordinary. But overall, a good night, especially as we got an award.

  4. Oh what a shame about the food but at least you had lots of fun (and hey even if the food wasn't great, they can turn chicken into beef! ;)). That's a skill!

  5. Oh no food disaster! Doesn't overly surprise me. Has been ages since I've been there but I wasn't impressed either Sherry.

    1. It was pretty awful food Jem. Not my style at all sadly.

  6. You look like you had a great time at the awards. The outfits are very pretty as is the decor. Sorry about the food.

    1. it was a fun night mary. yes pity about the food. i'm afraid as a food blogger i can't help but think about it.:=) cheers!


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